Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 1548 - Happy New Word

What will your word for 2014 be?

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Problem:  People never stick to their New Years resolutions
Solution:  Don't make resolutions ... instead choose a word to guide you through the year.

A few years ago a very clever person here on the blogosphere suggested we all ditch the new year's resolutions in favour of a new WORD. Brilliant idea Maxabella.

In 2012 my word was FOCUS.  As I got ready to launch Cheer Chick Charlie I had to ensure I was focussed on the goal, focussed on every step, every detail, every book, every product, every key deliverable. I used this word in every area of my life to help guide me and keep me on track. I was sure to focus on the kids, on my husband, on health, on meals, on cheerleading, on friends.  Each day I would wake up with the word FOCUS emplazoned across my mind.

In 2013 my word has been WILL.  I WILL achieve results, I will get things done, I will succeed, I will give it my best shot, I will stay focussed, I will have belief in the possibilities.  I extended the word to include WILL POWER and WILLINGNESS.  It was a good word and it's been a great year.

As we approach 2014 I've been wondering what my new word should be.  I look at the year ahead and the goals I have set.  I look at the frustrations fascinations of the year that just past and I wonder how those frustrations fascinations could have been aleviated.  I think of the problems I have encountered and how my WILL got me through.  If 2014 is going to be bigger and better than 2013 (which of course it WILL) then how will we get through it with minimal stress, anxiety and frustration?


That's it. That's my word for this year.  There are no problems, only SOLUTIONS.  This year will be tackled with a SOLUTIONS based mindset.  There will be no getting bogged down in problems or challenges or frustrations, because behind every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and behind every problem is a solution just waiting to be found.

So for me 2014 is going to be the year of SOLUTIONS.

Happy New Word everybody.

What will your 2014 word be?


  1. That's a great way to look at a New year's resolution, as a positive mantra rather than lots of unrealistic goals that we can fail at. Love it :)

  2. 4 words - walked in, danced out. Implying a shift into enthusiasm and happiness...

  3. Love you word solutions. Positive mindset all the way. My word for 2014 is change. I can't wait!

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  5. Will have to think longer on this but I like this idea too! All the best in finding all the solutions you need next year :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Great word choice, I love the concept and positive mind set. I hope this word really comes to fruition for you.

  7. After MUCH deliberation my word for 2014 is Simple - making sure I take pleasure out of simple everyday moments and live simply by not over thinking everything as I am prone to do. Happy New Year!

  8. Balance - but then again I have lots of words, one can not live by one word alone! Happy New Year lovely x

  9. I love this idea and I used it last year too. This year I'm choosing 'definition' as I feel I need to fine tune several things in my life - mental and physical. Happy new year!

  10. That is an awesome word Leanne, and such a perfect mindset to have for the year. Love how you just go out and follow your dreams. You're a true inspiration. xx

  11. Love that word! I've seen a few posts now that talk about words for the year and I haven't really given it much thought honestly.

  12. Perfect attitude Leanne, solutions sounds like a great idea to me!
    My word for 2014 is Dare x

  13. Great words - I have a meditation to do about thus for an art project on the weekend, but I think mine will be HOPE and ACTION. Here's to a wonderful 2014!
    Hello from #teamIBOT


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