Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1549 - Happy New Year

Who else has a drill in their head and a mouth like the floor of a bird cage? 

Mr and Mrs Deep Fried Fruit
I guess it wouldn't be New Year without a slight hangover.  We threw together a casual gathering at our place last night with a handful of friends and family.  We actually celebrated at 9.00pm with the first set of fireworks on TV and everyone left by 11.00pm. Tahlia and I were the only ones to stay awake until midnight to officially ring in the New Year.  Didn't stop me from having one too many drinks though! It's always that last one that does it.  Damn bourbon on the rocks ...

Happy New Year everyone! 

The Deep Fried family


  1. CHEERS! Sorry hope that wasnt too loud for you ;) Happy New Year to you and your family I hope 2014 brings you all that you wish for x

  2. HappyNew Year. I hope you are feeling better today.


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