Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 1555 - Migraine

Have you passed on any afflictions to your kids?

Last Wednesday Tahlia came to me complaining of impaired vision.  She had zig zag lines around the edges of her eyes.  Uh oh, a migraine was on its way.  I figured that since we had some warning this time, perhaps I could give her the painkillers before the pain actually commenced, which might help us stop it before it even started.  No such luck. Within 45 minutes she was curled up in a ball on the couch with a pillow over her eyes moaning in agony.  I got the cool face cloth on her forehead, turned off all the lights, grabbed the bucket and sat stroking her hair.

The bucket was a good idea as the vomiting started pretty quickly.  There was nothing we could do but ride this thing out.

Or was there?

When we were in the USA recently we grabbed some Tylenol PM which I sometimes use of a night time if I have a migraine. The PM bit means it has a lovely sleeping "chemical" in there to help you slumber through the pain.  Unlike Mercindol (the Aussie variety) it doesn't make you too drugged up and off the planet.  It just helps you sleep. I decided that despite the fact she'd already had two Panadols two hours prior, I would give her this special PM medicine.  I couldn't watch her crying in pain and throwing up her innards any longer.

Magic.  Within 40 minutes she fell asleep and with it the vomiting stopped, her face lost its pain lines and her body left the fetal position.  With that one tablet I had been able to temporarily cocoon my 14 year old from the evils of the world.

Of course it presented me with a new dilemma.  What if she was now too sleepy to realise she needed to vomit and threw up in her sleep? What if she drowned in her own vomit?  Needless to say it was a sleepless night for Mum and Dad as we took turns checking on her for the next ten hours.

I have had migraines since I was little.  So has Tahlia.  So has my dad and his mum before him.  It's a family "legacy" that we've been passing on from generation to generation. I have a handle on mine now through diet and knowledge.  I will help Tahlia get a handle on hers too ... it will just take time. It's just part of who we are.

It's a shame, but it is what it is.

Do you have any "family afflictions" that you've passed onto your kids?

Note: I have no idea where that image up there came from. But I have it on file which means I have used it on Deep Fried Fruit before.  Yep, further proof that this bastard migraine caper just keeps on keeping on ... 


  1. I think that both my husband and I's insomnia or horrible sleeping ability has been handed down to our children, they are all shocking sleepers, up early and just seem to drag their tired selves through the days sometimes. Sadly I also think my daughter might get my husband's quite bad psoriasis, fingers crossed not though x

  2. Poor chicken. I think I only had one migrane in my life and it wasn't fun! My baby woke up with a bleeding nose yesterday. As a kid I used to get them all the time. Wondering if this was passed down. Zanni x

  3. Ahh my God! I feel for your daughter so much. How awful for her and for you to see your daughter go through that. I suffer migraines with auras and they are AWFUL. I am the only one in my family who gets them. I am really hoping I don't pass them on to my girls.

  4. Migraines are the worst, poor thing. My family passes on anxiety, I really hope that Miss 5 keeps her resiliant nature and she doesn't develop this terrible affliction. It does look like she has escaped our family asthma :)

  5. My dad had migraines and so have I. I used to get them frequently but since having Nick I think I've only had 2 (in 5 years!) I think they were also stress-induced as they really ramped up when I was boss (years ago) and got married! I hope I don't pass them on to Nick. They're absolutely awful to deal with. :(

  6. My hubby gets migraines every so often (usually after a stressful work period) and uses mercindol, has to sleep it off, then throws up intermittedly for a number of hours. Your poor little girl, big hugs to the migraine sufferers. xx

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  8. I really had no how severe migraines could be until quite recently. OMG. The pain! Just indescribable!
    So sorry to hear that you suffer so badly with them - and now Tahlia!
    Good thing you've discovered that Tylenol PM.

  9. Your poor daughter. It's so hard watching our babies (even when they are 14) in pain and feeling helpless. Mr 4 has the same hairline as my partner so I think that he may go bald when he gets older. Other than that, we haven't noticed anything yet.

  10. My family passes on depression and anxiety. It turns out that the headache/s I've had for the last few years are actually migraines - well that explains the blurry vision the fact that things go numb now. I'm hoping my kids don't get them too. They've already got anxiety issues.

  11. That is terrible. Fortunately I have never experienced migraines, my sister does however and the pain she experiences is unimaginable.
    Eczema runs in our family, on both my husband and my side. So far neither of our boys have showed any signs - fingers crossed!

  12. Oh what a terrible affliction for all of you! I've only ever had one migraine in my life and man, I felt like my head was going to explode so I feel for those who suffer them often :(
    My girls get their dodgy eustachean tubes from their daddy (courtesy of an ethnic tendency towards flatter, narrower tubes that drain poorly) and Rosalia probably gets her epilepsy from my side of the family as my sister also has it. Yep, they really hit the gene pool lottery!

  13. Oh how awful! I only get periodic migraines, and I'm grateful for that. Apparently my grandmother got them too, but no one else ever had.
    Hopefully you help her work out the triggers sooner rather than later xx

  14. This terrifies me Leanne! My mum suffered migraines, and I can remember when we were little, she would be exactly as you describe your daughter. I suffer from migraines, but nothing like that.
    I'm praying that Bella hasn't inherited this terrible legacy.
    I hope Tahlia doesn't have to endure this too often. x

  15. My hubby definitely gave his boys a temper, stubbornness and the amazing ability to always be right.
    As for me, I am hoping when we have a baby it gets my knack for sleeping. I love skeep! Lol wishful thinking.
    Visiting from IBOT!

  16. I get classic migraines like you describe, but they are very hormone related, so hoping they skip my son. He's already got my dodgy chromosome translocation which will mean fertility problems down the track, so I think that's quite enough for him to deal with :(

    Hello from #teamIBOT


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