Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 1560 - Happy Birthday Darby

It's a great big happy birthday to our favourite Dude ...

Trying out the new wetsuit at the beach
Today our baby reaches double digits which is obviously momentous.  I love watching who he is becoming and I marvel daily at his intelligence, humour, kindness and love for all of God's creatures great and small. We've spent the weekend helping him celebrate with a visit to the fair, daily trips to the beach and a "Sharknado Party" with family last night.  The festivities will continue this week with a massive playdate with his mates and his official paintball birthday bash at the end of the month.  Double dij is definitely something to celebrate! Happy birthday mate.

Sharknado cupcakes

Movie snacks

At the fair with cousins

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  1. Happy birthday for yesterday, Darby. Hope you had a great time celebrating.


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