Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 1570 - Girlfriend Magazine Photo Shoot

What girl wouldn't want to be made a star for a day?

Tahlia Jane - behind the scenes shot at the Girlfriend Magazine Shoot

In July last year my (then) 13 year old daughter Tahlia headed to Sydney to check out the Girlfriend Magazine Cover Girl search. While we were there she was spotted by Girlfriend Magazine Stylist, Kristy Koutsogiannis, who asked if Tahlia might like to model as a Girlfriend Magazine reader.  It was a meek little "yes" that came out of Tahlia's mouth, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was going internally berserk.  It took until November for the shoot to come around, but it was worth the wait as Tahlia walked into the Pacific Magazine studios and truly felt like a supermodel for a day.

There were racks of clothes, rows of shoes, piles of jewellery plus a stylist, assistant stylist, make up artist and hair stylist, plus the photographer.  There was a heap of fancy photography equipment, big lights and flashes, plus music pumping through the studio.  They even catered breakfast and lunch. Then there was Tahlia who was the lone model working with all this equipment and these wonderful people from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Mumager me sat in the corner out of the way trying to absorb it all.

This week the February 2014 issue of Girlfriend Magazine Australia hits the shelves.  I can now release the behind the scenes photos of that shoot.  It's not every day that a model gets their own four page spread in a national magazine.  This shoot raised Tahlia's confidence and her love for modelling.  We are very grateful to Kristy and the crew for making this day so much for fun and energetic.  Thanks for believing in my little not-so-little girl. 

To check out more pictures of Tahlia Jane buy your copy of February 2014 Girlfriend Magazine, or you can head to her official Facebook Page  to check out her most recent modelling photos. 

Reading the call sheet over  a hot chocolate

Racks of clothes

Rows of shoes

A bench full of jewellery

The Pacific Magazines modelling studio

Tahlia Jane getting her hair and make up done

Getting nails done

A quick hair adjustment 

The photographer setting up

Getting ready to shoot

Hello Mum

Just hanging around 

Let's change the hair style for the next one

Touch up the make up

The crew contemplating the next shot

That's a wrap! The crew posing for a pic at the end of the day


  1. I saw Tahlia's news on her FB page. Congratulations , she looks gorgeous.
    It takes a lot of behind the scenes work doesn't it for one photo.

  2. So fun! Did you have any issues with the photographer minding you taking your own shots?

  3. Lot of work there before the final show!
    Happy WW!

  4. HI Sheryl - I do behind the scenes shots of all of Tahlia's shoots but always ask for permission first. I just had to wait until the magazine was out before I released them :)

  5. HI Sheryl - I do behind the scenes shots of all of Tahlia's shoots but always ask for permission first. I just had to wait until the magazine was out before I released them :)

  6. How exciting for Tahlia - and you as her Mumager! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes view - reminded me of my days as a kiddie model about 100 years ago xxx

  7. I just visited her FB before commenting, she is stunning, you must be so proud and she must have to be very mature to put up with all those different personalities on shoot! :)

  8. How very exciting for her and a fantastic experience.

  9. Awww this brings back memories, I used to work at PacMags :) Tahlia is absolutely stunning! My now-Miss 5 had a fleeting career as a child model, she did a magazine cover when she was 9 months and a couple of fashion shoots as a toddler but that was pretty much just the result of having a mum in magazines at the time.

  10. Oh she is one beautiful young lady. I hope she achieves everything she wishes for.

  11. She looks beautiful in the photos. I remember Girlfriend mag was my bible in high school and its still going now shows they must know their stuff! Bet Mumager is feeling proud as punch ;)


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