Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 1571 - A picture perfect day

Today is picture perfect ... yet I have no pictures.

Today at 8.00am we all piled back in the trusty (and very sandy) KIA Carnival and headed back over the mountain to the coast.  After stopping for breakfast and checking in at the house, we headed to Murramarang National Park towards the secluded, "rustic" and incredibly beautiful Pebbly Beach.  Blue skies above us, green gum forests around us, and that zebra crossing visual as the tallest of trees created shadows on the road taking us quickly from sun, to shade, to sun, to shade .... sun, shade, sun, shade, sun, shade ... like a strobe light messing with the senses.  Winding roads, bush birds, zero traffic, the smell of eucalyptus, then a steep descent, no guard rails, narrow road, flashes of blue sky, snapshots of blue ocean and finally a car park.

Pebbly Beach is so close but yet a world away.  It's a hidden wonderland that remains relatively unknown and somewhat untouched.  You can camp there, or hire a cabin, but only a small number of sites are available.  To secure your beach visit you must pay the daily $7 National Park fee, or you can buy a 2 year Murramarang pass for around $40 to enjoy the many beaches and bushland up and down that area of the NSW South Coast.

We climbed out of the car with towels, beach chairs, surfboard, lunch.  The birds chirped as we walked the paved path towards the beach. Nearby a kangaroo was feeding in the shade.  There was a small row of tents and caravans up on the grass and in the distance we could see a handful of people along the stretch of the beach.  One surfer on the waves, some kids in the shallows, a kayak and a pod of dolphins.

We walked down the path with grassland either side, then headed down the wooden steps to the sand.  We walked the white sand to a spot with suitable waves for the kids, good viewing to watch the dolphins and easy access to the rock pools.

As I marveled at the view on this picture perfect day I automatically reached for my camera.  It's not often you see so many dolphins diving in tandem through the waves.  Perfectly paired they moved with synchronicity creating a serpent like visual of arches and fins not unlike the Lochness Monster.  The kayak followed them, then they followed the kayak, and I suddenly wished I had a boat.

As I fiddled around for my camera I panicked.  No camera. I'd left my camera back at the house.  On this picture perfect day I would leave without photos.  Other than the images in my mind and a memory that will (hopefully) stay with me for a very long time.

Yep, picture perfect ...


  1. Pebbly beach is a great spot! We've been there for a wedding. I can just see the kangaroos on as i type. Sometimes it's great just to have memories tucked away in our mind!

  2. Wow, sounds divine. I love that part of the world! I'm one of those irritating people who gets irritated when she leaves her camera at home. It's just so irritating. Your words have provided the pictures though, so kudos to you! Kx

  3. oooh! Don't you hate that? That said, you've described it in such alluring terms I'm off to google, as it sounds like somewhere I need to visit....

  4. That sounds like a very peaceful haven to visit! I need to leave my camera/phone at home more often. x

  5. It's funny, I get in two minds about taking photo's. I don't want to miss the photo opp, but then you are not in the moment soaking in the memories.
    I guess either way you etch it into your brain.
    What a lovely description you gave of the place. I think it is now on our wish list :)

  6. Love the South Coast!
    There's been plenty of times I forgot the camera but it's amazing how a pretty image will stay in your memory. I'm sure this'll be the same for you with Pebbly Beach.

  7. Sounds like a lovely time, bummer about the camera though!

  8. Nice imagery. We haven't been to the coast these holidays. Normally we would go next week but life seems to have gotten in the way this time around. I'm living vicariously through everyone else who has been off having beach fun.

  9. I had a bit of a camera panic myself this week, when I noticed on dusk that I'd dropped my iPhone somewhere on the beach while fishing.

    It was in a sand coloured cover and on silent.

    Lucky for me someone had picked it up and waited till I phoned so they could return it.

    Rather stressful.

  10. I have always had a strong feeling that I wanted to, needed to holiday on the south coast of NSW. I have a place also not far from here, that I remember the flashing of sunlight through the trees as a child driving along :)

  11. Sounds like a beautiful spot to spend the day. I left my camera at home when we went to the beach on the last day we were there thinking I already had hundreds of great holiday shots, and of course the one day I forget it, the water was crystal clear and almost tropical - just begging to be photographed! Like Becc said tho, it did mean I was able to fully enjoy the moment without the lens in the way :)


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