Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 1573 - The Great Moscow Circus

Yesterday it rained ... so we joined went to the circus 

Tahlia and Darby after the show
It's been a long time since we've been to the circus. Tahlia was only three years old and Darby wasn't even thought of yet.  So with an overcast day and the circus in town, we decided to ditch the beach and hang out with acrobats and clowns instead.

Bateman's Bay is currently hosting the Great Moscow Circus.  We often see the circus set up in Canberra, and the kids often oooh and aaah over it hoping to get tickets, but it's usually during a time when we've either been travelling or about to travel (as in overseas or Queensland). So for years we've not listed it as a financial priority.  Not this year.  The timing was right, the location was right and the weather was crap.  Perfect.

Cost wise, it wasn't cheap.  Well, I suppose it is when you consider it's a two hour show full of skill, fun and entertainment. If you're quick to line up, you can get a family of four into the tent for $75 in the budget section.  For good family viewing (and because we missed the cheap tickets) we paid $130 for the privilege of being in A Reserve which is sitting front on to the big ring in an elevated position.  For ring-side seats you can choose VIP Ringside (absolute front row) or Ringside for an extra $20 or $10 per person respectively.

The circus had acrobats, clowns (without the scary clown make-up), ponies, knife thrower, fire juggler, motorbikes, magician, girls in sparkle clothes and g-strings ... did I mention acrobats in sparkle clothes and g-strings?

I spent much of the show thinking "gee she'd be a great cheerleader" (on account of the acrobatics ... not because of the g-strings ... geez) and the other part of the show thinking "I am so pleased these clowns aren't wearing scary clown make-up".

We laughed, and clapped, and oooh'ed and aaaah'ed. We cringed, and squealed, and closed our eyes in fear.  We experienced all the emotions that make a circus a circus.

It was a lot of fun.  Quite honestly, I would have paid just to see the clown.  He did this balloon routine that had us in hysterics.  Totes cool ....

Enjoy the pictures.

Oh, and if the Moscow Circus is in town, be sure to check it out.  As far as circus' go, it's a good one!

Some are mine, and some are borrowed stolen from Google Images.  I didn't want to use my flash in case I blinded the performers so my pics are a little dodgy. 

Balloons for sale

A grand entrance

Balancing act (which included leaps and flips)

Clever ponies

A bare* bummed ribbon acrobat

Acrobats spinning in a suspended ball

Hysterical clown inside a giant balloon

Getting ready for the grand finale

Those blurs are motorbikes whizzing around the ring

Yep - motorbikes inside the ball
(Image from Google Images)

The bare* bummed ribbon lady
(Image from Google Images)

That leaping on a stick I was talking about
(Image from Google Images)

Outside the circus

Had to share (you know me) - Yes the circus has toilets

*On closer inspection the bare bummed lady actually had nude coloured fabric all over her to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions.  She still looked like a bare bummed acrobat to me.

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