Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 1574 - Happy Australia Day

What does Australia Day mean to you?

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For us Australia Day it is about friends.  Every year we attend an Australia Day pool party hosted by Derek's best friend where there are families, kids and couples.  It's a BBQ (of course) with meat, salad, beer and wine.  The yard is filled with sunhats, swimsuits, sunscreen, beach towels and blow up pool toys.  There is chatter, squeals, laughter, splashing, hugs, photos, toasts and cheers.  Everyone is smiling. Today will be no different.  Although today, Tahlia and I will leave early as we've thrown a new Australia Day activity in the mix.  Today Tahlia is volunteering her time as a runway model to work at a charity event to raise money for a disadvantaged community in Laos.  Australia has so much.  Other countries are not so lucky.  Part of being Australian is sharing the love, helping out others and giving back.  Today we celebrate friends, give gratitude for this wondrous country we live in and give to those who aren't quite so lucky.

What does Australia Day mean to you?  

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