Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 1575 - The day after Australia Day

Another day, another pool party ...

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So yesterday we were supposed to celebrate Aussie Day the way we do every year - with a pool party and BBQ.  You can read about it here. We never made it to the party (insert sad face).  Poor hubby did something to his back (which often happens) and he become quite immobile.  The thought of having to stand upright next to a BBQ with a beer in his hand was too painful to contemplate (yep, it shocked me too) so we had to tender our Aussie Day apologies.  Instead, much of the day was spent with him lying around the house and me rubbing Dencorub into his back.  Tahlia and I then headed to her charity runway event with Derek and Darby following later that night to watch her catwalk debut.

The charity event (raising money for disadvantaged communities in Laos) was a wonderful celebration of multiculturalism in Australia and it was a great start to Tahlia's catwalk career.  She was sensational and all the other models were very welcoming and fun. At 14 Tahlia was obviously the baby of the group which meant the others really looked out for her.

I also played a part.  I was not just the Mumager, I was also a "dresser" for the event.  That meant that when the models got off the runway I had to help rip their clothes off (including all the pins that were used to resize many of the outfits) and get the next outfit on including jewellery, shoes, belts and sashes.  This sounds pretty easy ... except that you have about 30 seconds to undress, redress and be 100% runway ready.  I applaud the girls (including Tahlia) for being so calm and in control in that 30 seconds.  Talk about pressure!

The models

The Mumager and Tahlia (in traditional Lao dress)

Anyway, it was a great night.

But yesterday as a whole was a disappointing Australia Day.  It felt "unfinished".  Like Christmas without the sit down feast, or Easter without an Easter egg hunt, or Valentine's Day without champagne.  You can't have Australia Day without a BBQ!

So just like we did at Christmas, we've decided to have a second Australia Day, just a day late.  We are heading to Tahlia's friend's house for a pool party and BBQ. Yep, dejavu. Derek can now stand up again (somewhat crooked ... but on his feet at least) so we're going to do today, what we had hoped to do yesterday.

Another day, another pool party.  And another Australia Day.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! 

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  1. Happy Aussie Day weekend!
    Im sorry to hear about your hubby I hope he's on the mend soon.
    The catwalk event looked like fun and a great excuse to spend girl time with your daughter :)


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