Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 1576 - Melbourne Bound

A quick (free) trip to lovely Melbourne

Crown Casino on the Yarra River in Melbourne
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A few years ago hubby and I went to Melbourne for one of his work conferences and I got to walk around (on my own) and soak up the atmosphere.  I fell in love with the place.  Since then I've had a few trips with cheerleadering, blogger conference ... and um ... more cheerleading.  Tahlia and I had a ball at Nationals a few short months ago staying at the Crown Metrapol, eating out, shopping and walking up and down the river.  We'd totes do it again. It was amazeballs. In fact, we totes are doing it again!

This morning all four of us get to follow Daddy to his annual sales conference in Melbourne and get free accommodation (at the Metrapol again - all piling into his twin share room) and free flights (using frequent flyer points).  It's a quick little junket to finish off the kids school holidays. We can't wait.  And the best part is, our tagging along is not costing us (or the company) a cent! Well, it's not costing us a cent other than food .., and shopping ... and cabs ... and ...

Anyone else out there got any freebies lately?

Should I ditch the "totes" and "amazeballs" vocab? 


  1. I am going on an electric bike tour for free (to review) but that's about it...not quite as fab a s a free weekend in Melbourne. Enjoy!!

  2. Dude, sometimes you need to use "totes" and "amazeballs" ;)

    Enjoy your trip! And totally cool it's not going to cost heaps!

    MC xo

  3. Melbourne is the best!! Hubby also tags along to my work things whenever he can :) The best thing about blogging is reviewing stuff for free.

  4. I love Melbourne, enjoy you trip x

  5. Melbourne is totes amazing! and you will have an awesome time! although I should add that I may be a little biased ;)

  6. Stoked for you - I have got lots of free stuff recently! I would like free time but MEH beggars can't be choosers xx

  7. A free trip to Melbourne totes calls for the use of the word amazeballs. Totes.


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