Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 1577 - Calatrava Crown

Why have dinner when you can skip it and go straight to dessert?

Duo Mousse - Calatrava Crown
We are in Melbourne. Last night we had big plans for a fabulous meal somewhere along the Yarra River.  But with 38 degree temps we couldn't quite bring ourselves to step outside our hotel and the Casino.  So we headed to a family friendly bar within the building and ate some appetisers and had coke and cocktails, then decided we were full and didn't need dinner.  Until we saw dessert ....

As we walked back through the Crown Casino we came across Calatrava Crown (Caffe Magnifico).  The kids were immediately drawn to the gelato.  I was gobsmacked by the selection of sweet stuff.  My dilemma was what to have?

I ended up with mousse.

Which would you choose?

*Note: I ate that entire mousse on my own. It was rich and I may have over indulged.  Probably best to share your dessert or end up looking (and feeling) like a pig in a frock.


  1. ohhh myyyy gaaaawd. I'd have to have one of everything, surely?!?!?! *droool* x Aroha

  2. Now that is my kind of place. The fruit flan would have been my choice.

  3. Oh wowsa! I live in Melbourne and haven't found this little piece of deliciousness. Must take the kids there. :)

  4. I would TOTALLY eat the entire mousse too! We stayed at the Crown or one of those high rise thingees in the Crown BC (before children) and were amazed at what there was on offer!

  5. First photo, the one with the strawberry on top please!
    I am in awe at how much chocolate is on top of that mousse :)


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