Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 1578 - Bounce Inc

Wall to wall trampolines to let the kids jump out of their skins ...

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We'd heard all about Bounce Inc from cheerleaders who had gotten their bounce on when we were in Melbourne for nationals.  So it was high on the agenda for Tahlia and Darby the moment they heard we were coming back to Victoria.  So yesterday the kids and I tackled the public transport and headed off for a bounce-athon*.

We bought the tickets on line to book our one hour session for the following day. This is highly recommended as the place fills up fast.  Then we walked from the Metrapol to the nearest train station and bought our Myki cards (had to get one each) and filled them up with enough credit for our trip.  That process (for one adult and two kids) cost us $27 of which $12 was made up of actually purchasing the plastic card.  Note to self: next time we come to Melbourne remember to bring the Myki cards with us!

From Flinders Street Station we caught the train to Tooronga on the Glen Waverly line which took about 10-15 minutes.  From Tooronga Station it was literally five minutes walk across a busy road to Bounce.  After a game of highway Frogger we made it safely inside.

That's when the kids went WOW!!!!

I sat upstairs in the safety of the cafe drinking chai as I watched the kids rotate through all the different arenas for the next 60 minutes.  By the end they were exhausted. So exhausted in fact that Darby came back to the hotel for an afternoon sleep (which NEVER happens).

Cost of tickets were $11 for kids/students plus a couple of dollars for the special Bounce socks they have to wear.  Well worth the money!

Enjoy the pics.

The cafe

Tahlia doing her upside down thing

Darby doing his upside down thing

Flinders Street Stations

* I did not participate in the bounce-athon. I thought about it .... for a nano second ... but discovered (to my relief) that I'd only packed skirts.  Nobody needs to see a piece of Deep Fried Fruit jumping, jiggling, reverberating, twisting, landing and attempting flips ... at any time ... let alone in a dress. 

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