Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 1580 - The Paintball Party

Today is paintball day.

My feeble attempt at a Paintball cake
No time to write a long winded post. Too busy getting my house ready to receive a KIA load of kids, who will then promptly mess it all up again.  But you know me, I've got to at least give the illusion I've got my shit together ... even if for only a few minutes.  They'll arrive all hyped up and excited about the day, then we'll take off for the paintball place, where they'll get rid of some energy and may pass out in the 38 degree heat, which is when I'll bring them all home and plonk them in front of a movie with ice-blocks to cool down.  Oh, and I made the cake. It looks nothing like the one I hoped it would look like (see yesterday's post).  Oh well.  I guess it's somewhat paintballish ...

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  1. I would say that is a pretty good effort! Where did you go for the paintball party? Delta Force Paintball host paintball birthday parties I hear, although I’ve only ever been with just mates.


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