Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 1581 - Wella Pro Series

How to have straight hair with volume

Model | Tahlia Jane, Photographer | Kerry Sleeman Photography
Sponsored by Wella Pro Series
for the Sash & Belle Handbag shoot

Now before I start, I must stress ... I am NOT a hairdresser.  The following post is coming from a mum who needed to do her daughter's hair so that it looked all straight and lovely and with a bit of "air" in it, not from an expert in the field.  Having said that, Wella Pro made me feel like an expert in the field.

Wella contacted me and said "hey Leanne, do you want to try out the new Wella Pro range?" and I said "I'd love to, but rather than make it a Deep Fried defying middle age thing, how about we make it a lovely young model thing instead". And they said "tell us more", so I said "my daughter is a model and she has an upcoming shoot for a new handbag label, would you like to sponsor her hair?" to which they said "sure! Let's sponsor her hair", and I went "coolies" and they went "awesomeness" and I said "totes" and they said "amazeballs".  

Of course the conversation went nothing like that.  But you get my drift.

So Wella Pro sent Tahlia Jane a bunch of stuff including:

  • Wella Pro Series Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Wella Pro Series Volume Hairspray
  • Wella Pro Series Volume Mousse
On the day of the shoot she washed her hair using the Wella Pro products and then I set about straightening her hair from it's usually wavy style, to a dead straight look.

This is Tahlia's hair when it dries naturally.

Model | Tahlia Jane, Photographer | Rachel Crampton Smith
This is how we went about getting it all straight and volumey.

I started by blow drying it to almost dry

I used the Wella Pro Volume Mousse at the roots and then I spread it through to the tips

More blow drying while I lifted the hair at the roots and sprayed it with Wella Pro Volume Hairspray

After the hair was dry I separated the hair and sprayed each section with Wella Pro Volume Hairspray before straightening each section with the hair straightener.

I then straightened the hair one layer at a time (while Tahlia read her book)

And finally, after each layer, I brushed the hair out and sprayed it with Wella Pro Volume Hairspray, smoothing it with my hand as I went to get rid of any fuzz.

And Voila! The end result was perfectly straight hair with enough volume to avoid the "limp" look that straightened hair can often have. 

Model | Tahlia Jane, Photographer | Kerry Sleeman Photography
Sponsored by Wella Pro Series
for the Sash & Belle Handbag shoot

Easy peasy.  So yeah, I'm not a hair professional, but Wella Pro Series definitely made me feel like one! 

Below are the details on the new Wella Pro Series Styling Collection.  Stay tuned for more Tahlia Jane photos, more Wella Pro hairstyles and information about where you can get these fantastic Sash & Belle handbags! 


The Wella Pro Series Styling Selection

Choose from three long lasting Wella Pro Series styling variants; Volume, Strong Hold and Max Hold. Providing long lasting, 24 hour performance, the Wella Pro Series Styling collection is non-sticky and easy to brush out, whether your look requires amplified volume, strong yet flexible hold or help taming frizz.

Whether your hair is hard-to-manage, frizzy, out-of-control or lacking radiance, the Wella Pro Series Care shampoo and conditioner collection is the perfect base for styling. Try Volume to achieve super size, managable hair and Colour to maintain your freshly coloured locks. Shine will turn heads and give your hair a glossy finish while Repair is your saviour to strengthen damaged strands. Lastly, Moisture will keep hair soft and silky during the summer season.

Wella Pro Series is a collaboration between professional stylists and Wella experts. The combination of industry inspiration and scientific development resulted in a product designed to give consumers hair with a salon-fresh feeling at an affordable price.

Wella Pro Series Volume Shampoo and Conditioner 750ml: RRP $10.99
Wella Pro Series Styling Products: RRP $7.99
Wella Pro Series Moisture Mask Treatment 180ml: RRP $7.99

Stockist details 1800 028 280 or buy it now from


  1. :} Awesome! I highly recommend the karmin g3 flat iron, it will add a lot more shine to your hair!

  2. This is amazing! I've always wanted fabulous model hair style like this, but I never knew how can i make this hair style. Thanks to for sharing inspired hairstyle!


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