Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 1583 - Head and Shoulders

My daughter is head and shoulders above the rest.

The tall and the short of it
I know you think I'm a big bragger (and I am) but she really is.  She is quite honestly a full head taller than most of her friends and always has been.  At 178 cm tall, she's now half a head taller than me. We knew she was going to be tall.  From a very young age people expected so much more from her because they thought she was older than her actual years.  As a toddler at the playground, 4 year old kids would come up to her wanting her to climb the equipment with them, or push them on the swings. She was 2.  It stands to reason that she's tall given her dad is 6 foot 5.  It's a no brainer.  So when she was young - around the age of 8 - I started enrolling her in deportment classes at the Lizzy Wagner Academy to help her feel proud of her height.  We didn't want her to shrink to fit ... but rather be proud to rise above.

And that's how she got a taste for modelling.  The Lizzy Wagner Group used to be very modelling based, so all classes included personal grooming, catwalk and photo components.

So you see, I guess I kind of encouraged her into modelling without it really being a conscious decision.  She's head and shoulders above everyone else ... which has it's definite advantages in some industries .... so it was either going to be modelling or basketball.  Or someone who fixes smoke alarms or changes light bulbs without a ladder.

A year ago this modelling bug really hit her hard.  We hadn't done any Lizzy Wagner training for years, but for some reason she got a hankering to get this modelling thing off the ground.  She was only 13. I told her to come back and talk to me about it again when she was 15.   She said no.  She said it was her dream ... and that I always encourage people to achieve their dreams.   She said it was time to start now or she would get left behind. Who am I to argue with that?

So we got some pictures taken and contacted a modelling agency.  From the first time she stepped in front of a camera it was obvious she was a natural at this modelling stuff.  Sure she was nervous. Sure she took time to warm up.  But overall the photographers were amazed at how easy it was to work with her.  Wow. Maybe this could really happen.

After the first bunch of pictures and the modelling agency thing I took a step back.   I hoped that would be enough to appease her for now.  She was too young. Modelling is not really an industry you hope for your child.  It is fraught with danger, negativity and body image issues.  Or so they say. It's also hard slog in Canberra with very little work but for a select few. But Tahlia wouldn't let me forget about it.  As she neared her 14th birthday she pleaded for us to do more. She wanted to become a freelance model (forget the agency) and get some more shots done.

I love a person with enthusiasm and commitment for their goals.  What the hell.  Let's give it a go.

So I worked out how to freelance, how to work with photographers and make-up artists on a TFP (time for prints) basis, and I found some online groups within our region that help coordinate such gigs. Within 6 months Tahlia went from a girl with a dream to a girl who was achieving her goals.  

Photographers are now lining up to work with her, she's had her moment of glory in this month's Girlfriend Magazine, she's done her first runway gig, she's modelling handbags for a new (local) label and she's been an extra in a music film clip.  And through it all everyone has been extremely encouraging, supportive and helpful.

While the future is still unknown, the present is bringing great rewards, and this girl of mine ... who is head and shoulders above the rest .... is growing into an amazing and well balanced young lady who believes in the possibilities. And who is proud to be tall.


Speaking of Head and Shoulders ... it's give-away time!

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Happy Tuesday everybody! 

Me, me, me, me, me, me, me ..... 


  1. Nice segue - I did not see that coming. I actually wanted to write Segway but that says more about me...

  2. Good on you for setting some boundaries re age.

    I've heard the modelling industry can be an ugly world for someone too young.

    I don't know what I'd do if my daughter wanted to become a model - but I don't think it will be a problem as her dad and I are shorties ;)

  3. I love that you supported your daughters dreams and that she is doing what she loves. So many parents are so narrow minded in what they want for their children they forget about other opportunities that might actually be what they want. Good luck with it all. x

  4. I am that tall and reached that height at 13 too Leanne. I also went top deportment school, but never had the confidence to be a model, though I sort of dipped my toe into it. I think if you are supportive and present, it's not a bad thing. x

  5. Gosh, hard to know what to do in these situations. I hope that she has lots of fun and enjoys the work. Great way to chat about a giveaway :)

  6. How proud are you! You should be. She made a valid argument, you supported her and showed that you can achieve your goals with a little lateral thinking. Well done to both of you!

  7. Oh she has spunk to come back with 'but you believe in people achieving their goals.' That would have me proud right there. :)
    Good on you both I say. I'm sure there are many challenges in that particular industry, just like all of them, but she has you to keep her grounded. xx

  8. What a huge dream to be achieving at such a young age, and well done for all your support, she is so tall, that is awesome - wishing her the best of luck, will keep an eye out for her lovely face xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  9. I love how supportive you are, that's all anyone wants from their Mum :)

    Also, Meeee!

  10. ME

    She is lucky to have you.


  11. Me :)
    You sound justifiably proud :)

  12. It's great that you are supporting her in her goals. It sounds like she definitely has her heart set on it. She's 18cm taller than me lol!

  13. I can understand your reservations but I just love the passion and motivation of your daughter at a young age. Even if she chooses later on not to pursue modelling, she has some great projects to list on her resume, but with her determination, I don't think she will steer away. Good on her and well done you. I bet you're so proud of her.
    Oh and ME! :)

  14. As parents we have such an important role to help our children in whatever they want to do! From the looks and sounds of it, she's where she's meant to be right now. As for me, I'm nearly 2 heads taller than my gorg wee mumma!

  15. She is so lucky she has such a supportive and clever Mum, and fantastic she has found something she loves so young. I was not expecting to be entering a giveaway at the end of that. ME please, it's the only way I'll be heads and shoulders above anyone at 5'2"! :)

  16. I think if modelling is what your daughter wants then she should be supported and encouraged to try.

    I hated being told not to do something because my Mother didn't approve, or someone felt I wouldn't be able to achieve it.

    Whether she succeeds or not she will know that she tried.

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