Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 1585 - Horoscope

It's it the stars ...
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As you know, I've been bumbling around this year finding it difficult to focus.  Mostly because I'm kind of confused as to where my focus needs to be from a business point of view.  As I skirt around the valley of death (contemplating my naval) I wonder where it's all headed.  Someone said to me yesterday "just do what you're supposed to do".  And what exactly is that?  "Write the next book of course." Oh yeah! That is after all what this business is all about ... children's books.  Good thinking.

So that little slap up the side of the head combined with this month's horoscope has given me some renewed hope and some much needed motivation.

On balance, 2014 is an extremely go-ahead and successful year for Libra, so don't allow a minor delay - even a major upset - to get in the way. 
Perhaps you have overlooked details.
Take your time, go back through the paperwork and reconnect with people who may be able to enlighten you.

Today I schedule a trip to write book number 6, I go through my files and contacts and see who I can reconnect with, and I get back in touch with what brought about the results, surges and success previously.  And I'll say goodbye to my naval for a while because all this naval gazing is getting me nowhere. 

Have you been given a slap up the side of the head lately?

What's in the stars for you?


  1. I have a few things to get done but at the moment I seem a little distractible. I'm hoping this settles down asap!

  2. I sure have been trying to give myself a slap up the side of the head lately with my negative attitude toward a certain something. I'm not getting the hint though, so I may need to throw a bucket of water over myself or something ;) Good luck with your next book.

  3. I don't read my stars. I used to, but I don't have time anymore! I'm happy to bumble about without any celestial assistance for the moment!

    I do believe in astrology insofar as personalities are concerned. Not sure if it's a chicken or egg proposition or self-fulfilling prophecy but I've ALWAYS been a typical Aries, long before I knew what a star sign ever was.


  4. Sounds like perfect timing to read this. Good luck with your next book and I'm sure you will find loads of inspiration !

  5. Wow, I envy you. You may be in a little quandary, but you are up to book number 6!!!
    I am yet to find that focus and continue to bumble around.
    Well done to you. You will continue to do well, I just know it :)

  6. I'm a Libran too! You have nothing to worry about... book number six is nothing to sneeze at!

  7. I try to not read the stars coz I think it's all rubbish and that but occasionally, like today on the train, I sneak a look ;o)
    Inspiration comes when you least expect it. Hope you find your soon.


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