Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 1587 - Happy Saturday

What does Saturday have in store for you?

After a week of 'busy' and a Friday of 'super busy', I was looking forward to a cruisie day of family splat. With nothing to do other than say hooroo to Husband as he heads off to play basketball (for the first time in years) and then wanders off for a card night with the boys. The only plans the kids and I had were to visit Canberra's Multicultural Festival this evening and support Tahlia and her squad during their cheerleading demonstration. But alas that has all changed. Tahlia has been called up for a last minute photo shoot which is too good to pass up. So Saturday Splat has turned to Model Mumager.  All would be fine except Derek's car died yesterday. It is spending the weekend in an "automobile hospital waiting room" after being towed to our mechanic. We are now trying to juggle life as a over-committed one car family. Which of course requires planning and coordination. Of which we've done neither! Oh well. Will make for an interesting tag-team kind of day. Tag ... You're it!

What does Saturday have in store for you?

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