Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 1589 - Covering school books

Anybody else out there spending their time covering school books?

Time to cover the school books
It's the start of a new school year which means the school books have been sent home for Mum to add contact.  Contact used to create all sorts of stress as I stuck it, stuffed it and tried to unstick it, stuffing it even more.  Not any more! After many years I've finally worked out this contact caper.  Here's the foolproof method of covering books.

  1. Important! Do not remove the contact backing paper just yet. That comes later.
  2. Place the book onto the contact and cut around it using the lines on the backing paper as a guide, and being sure to leave a 2 cm border.  This is to measure out exactly how much you need for your book. 
  3. Fold the contact in half so there is a clear fold line where the spine of the book will go.
  4. Lying the contact on the table top, gently peel the backing sheet away from the contact ensuring you only peel to the fold line (half way point). You now have half the contact ready for sticking, and the other half still protected by the backing paper. 
  5. Put the spine of the book onto the fold line you created and carefully lay the front cover down onto the exposed contact.
  6. At this point grab a pair of scissors and cut out the little triangles needed in the "border" to allow you to fold the excess contact over the inner cover of your book to ensure a smooth finish around the edges. Half your book is now complete
  7.   With your book now lying on its front cover, remove the backing paper from the other half of the contact and lie it flat on the table top.
  8. Gently flip the book over so that the back cover is now lying on the exposed contact (lie the back cover down gradually from spine to edge to ensure no air bubbles)
  9. Snip the triangles needed in the border and fold the excess contact over the inner cover to create a smooth finish around the edge. 
  10. Sit back and marvel in your genius.
Measure your book and cut the amount of contact needed to cover
(Note: only need a 2 cm edge - and more than that can get messy)

Fold the contact in half to create a fold line. Peel off half the backing paper.
Place the spine of the book on the fold line.

Gently place the cover of the book onto the contact ensuring no air bubbles.

Cut "triangles" at the outer edges to create a seam in which to fold onto the inner cover to ensure smooth edges of the book.

Repeat with back cover.
Marvel at the smooth and perfectly covered finished product!

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  1. Great job, we all love a silky smooth book cover :)
    I was always in awe of my Mum being able to cover my books without all the bubbles and wrinkles that I use to get when I tried to help!


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