Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 1591 - Middle of the night

Do you ever get woken by the "middle of the night monsters"?

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They wake me up at 2.30am telling me all things I haven't done, and advising of all the things I need to do. They then poke me, and poke me, and poke me so that I have no choice but to get out of bed and do the stuff they have assigned for me. They're bastards like that.  Mind you, they can be quite encouraging and productive as well.  They dance and sing and say "woo hoo" a lot the next day in celebration of all that was achieved in the wee small hours. Then the next evening they'll usually caress me to sleep.  They rarely send me to work two nights in a row ... rarely.

It's 5.00am and I have already done over two hours work.  I feel tired, but I also feel strangely fulfilled.

Do you ever get woken by the middle of the night monsters? 


  1. I do hear those monsters, but I generally ignore them and after half an hour I am back to sleep. Glad you feel good but tired!

  2. I hear those monsters too! I'm getting better at ignoring them and getting back to sleep though.

    SSG xxx


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