Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 1593 - Happy Valentine's Day

Today is a day where I say "I LOVE YOU" out loud

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There are lots of days where I reflect on how much I love and appreciate my husband.  His birthday, our wedding anniversary, our meetaversary, Christmas, Monday's.  Valentine's Day is a day I'm not totally into if the truth be known.  It's all a bit too mushy.  Too forced. But Husband seems to like it and often does nice things for me on V Day.  Like the the time he did roses and champagne and canapes all served to me in the spa bath.  You can read about it here.

Today I woke up to find a card and a commemorative book about INXS sitting on my keyboard.  Knowing that I would get up at dawn to come and blog, he put it where I couldn't miss it.  How sweet!

The bastard.

Of course I haven't done a thing.  I intended to ... knowing he would probably do something ... but my intentions were to go and buy a card today.  And now he got in first.

So now whatever I do is just going to look catch up.

So it's time to roll out that poem I wrote a few years ago.  Because there's no way I can write one this morning at such short notice.  And also because it's a bloody good poem and deserves a rerun.


I love you because you look hot in your necklace and boardies
I love you because you build sand castles with the kids
I love you because you tell me I'm pretty
I love you because you just "is".

I love you when you walk dog poo across freshly mopped floors
I love you when you forget to turn off the light
I love you when the ice trays are empty
I love you when we argue and fight.

I love how you put up with my need for process and order
I love how you work hard to give us money to play
I love how in your world the sun's always shining
I love how you can't stay away.

I love that you think I'm the world's greatest mother. 
I love that you try hard to keep romance alive.
I love that you support my little projects.
I love that you want us to survive.

I love you right now because today is a love day
I love you right now because you're the best
I love you right now as a father and husband
I just love you ... forget the rest.

Happy Valentine's Day Husband. Thanks for always thinking of me :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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