Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 1597 - Make your own rose facial mist

Did you know that moisturiser stops working half way through the day?

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Apparently unless you've got really oily skin, our moisturiser stops working by early afternoon.  Which means that lunch time is the perfect opportunity to not only fill your belly and quench your thirst, but quench your face as well.

Given you're possibly wearing makeup, it may be tricky to reapply your moisturiser, but a spritz works just as well.  There's a bunch out there in the market place. The best news is you don't have to spend a fortune and you can even make your own at home.

The old school facial mist is simply a mineral water with a lovely scented finish.  The more modern mist has essential oils, botanical extracts etc for deeper hydration.

You can make a rose facial spritzer at home. It's actually quite easy if you have a garden full of roses. Just grab a bunch of rose petals (around 6 cups), add a litre of water and boil on the stove top for around 15 minutes.  Then strain the water into a jar, ditching the soggy rose petals, leaving a lovely scented water. The rose petals already have an oil in them which is captured during this process, but to boost the hydration you can add a few drops of vegetable glycerine or some almond oil.  Not too much! You don't want to get all oily.  Refrigerate to cool your concoction before popping it all in a spray bottle and BINGO, you're ready to rehydrate in the middle of the day.

A liquid lunch for your face.  Just another handy tip to help you feel less Deep Fried.

Do you use a spritzer? 


  1. Hmm very interesting. Is that why my makeup tends to wear off by afternoon .. because there's no oil? Or is that just because I need to apply more makeup?... the rose spritzer sounds lovely. I would feel very spoiled using it!

  2. I used to take it on planes - it's amazing with that recycled air.

  3. I had no idea!
    Imagine, we spend all this money on moisturisers we think are doing the job all day until the makeup comes off and we use our night cream.
    Wouldn't you think the marketers of spritzer products would be on top of this and tapping the market???

  4. Great idea Leanne, especially with Winter on the way.....eventually. x

  5. I love spritzes but tend to spray them on my face before I go to bed because I sleep in air con during the summer months and this can really dry out my face. I usually use Trilogy's rose spritz but your recipe sounds super easy to make. If only I had a rose bush!

  6. My skin is so oily it takes care of itself, although I have thought about using it while on a plane - sounds so refreshing xx

  7. My skin is oily but I know it's going to go into shock when it hits the dry South Australian air, so I love this idea, now I just need to get me some rose bushes!

  8. I'm like Josefa - my face is like an oil factory! But this sounds lovely and light and it would smell sensational!

    Visiting today from Team IBOT xxx

  9. I will definitely be trying this. It seems like such a great idea and so easy.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from IBOT

  10. My face is pretty oily so I don't use moisturiser on it but I'm sure the spritzer smells divine!

  11. You know it's so humid here in SE Qld that mine comes off within minutes of putting it on anyhow, I do like the idea of a cool spray though x

  12. Awesome money saving idea for people that use that kind of thing! If I wasn't allergic to roses I'd give it a go!

    MC #teamIBOT


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