Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 1603 - Hydrating versus Moisturising

Did you know that hydrating and moisturising are two different things?
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According to Kate Somerville from LA, who is a "Facialist" to stars such as Katy Perry, Hydration is getting water into your skin cells while moisturiser locks it in.  She says the best way to hydrate cells is to drink plenty of water, but you can also give them a boost by taking fish oil and flaxseed oil supplements, as well as snacking on lovely watery fruit like rock melon, water melon and honey dew. Of course don't forget to freshen up in the middle of the day with your facial mist!

Just another little tip to help you look and feel a little less Deep Fried.  Plus I got to use the word "Facialist".  Can't say I've ever had that in my vocab before.

Information Source: Redbook Magazine February 2014. 

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