Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 1604 - Writing the next book

Today I head away and go off line until I finish my next book.

It's been almost a year since I've written anything in the Cheer Chick Charlie series.  I wrote the first five books within 18 months.  Then I stopped. I was so focused on running the business, trying to create pathways, looking at how to market and pondering my naval, that I forgot what started me on this journey in the first place. Writing children's books.  Books to make kids actually want to read.  Books to entertain. Books to inspire. Books to encourage.  So here I am today packing my bags for a trip to the coast where I will be all alone and off line to write, write, write. I will not return until I have a twelve chapter manuscript ready for editing.

I sure hope my creative juices start to flow! Coz right now ... I'm not feeling anything river-like coursing through my veins.  Hopefully the ocean will inspire me. It often does ....

Do you get all creative and inspired near water?

What gets your creative juices flowing? 


  1. The process sounds very daunting to me!
    Good luck, see you on the flip side.#teamIBOT

  2. Good on you! I hope you get the inspiration you need. Unplugging couldn't be a better way of getting inspired. I talk about being a writer but in reality to so little of my own creative stuff because of the energy social media and blogging takes. I need to do this too! http://mylittlesunshinehouse.com x

  3. Good luck - sounds exciting. We'll see you on the flipside...

  4. Wow that is big news, all the best Leanne - you can do it! Head to the ocean or bush it helps inspire me. Em

  5. Sounds wonderful! I would love to try it myself. Best of luck Leanne.

  6. Nice!! What a great way to get the creative juice flowing! Goodluck

  7. Good luck!
    I will miss your updates and will look forward to your return.
    What a fabulous thing to do. Get up, go somewhere and not emerge until it's finished. Brilliant!

  8. Good luck!

    I find that a couple of drinks, some mindless tv on in the background and alone time helps to make the creative juices flow. Failing that I usually like to take regular breaks and faff about on the internet to break it up a bit.

  9. Best of luck!! I'm sure inspiration will come to you!! xx Lucy from Bake Play Smile

  10. Good luck! I hope your mojo isn't hard to find. I think disconnecting is such a great idea. So often I plan to write and end up wasting hours online. It's ridiculous.


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