Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 1607 - Share your Shine with Pantene to WIN

How do you get your shine on?

What is it that makes you feel ridiculously good looking?

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There are days when I feel like crap.  Then there are days when I don't feel like crap.  The best days are those when I feel ridiculously good looking.  Sure, they may be few and far between, but when they occur I can move mountains.

There's something to be said about feeling all shiny and bright.  Those days you have a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step.  The ones where you smile a lot and walk like you mean business.  You know those days? They're the days you have your "shine on".

As I get older and more Deep Fried I'm finding it harder to shine on the outside, but easier to shine on the inside. Does that make sense?  Feeling good for the things I do, rather than the way I look.

Whether it's a physical beauty or an inner achievement there are different ways I get my shine on.

  • Writing a book
  • A trip to the hairdresser
  • Finishing everything on my to-do lists
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Getting my nails done
  • Smiling
  • An outing with friends
  • Being surrounded by children who inject me with their energy
  • A spray tan
How do you get your shine on?

What gives you an inner glow and makes you feel ridiculously good looking?

In celebration of Pantene's new Ice Shine collection* Deep Fried Fruit and Pantene have partnered to give you the chance to win over $1000 worth of prizes!


Are you kidding me?!  

No my friends, I am not.  We have ONE prize valued at over $1000 to help you get your shine on. 

To launch the new Pantene Ice Shine Collection, Pantene is offering one Deep Fried Fruit reader the chance to shine and make the most of their busy lives without having to worry about their hair weighing them down.  They are giving you the opportunity to win:
  • $500 Woolworths Voucher - feeding a family can be expensive and that gets stressful so Pantene want to give you a break from that stress to help you get your shine on.
  • $500 voucher to a family portrait photographer - to capture family memories and remember the day you were all ridiculously good looking
  • A Pantene Ice Shine prize pack including a range of goodies.
To enter all you've got to do is tell me:

How do you get your shine on? What is it that makes you feel ridiculously good looking?

We will be choosing the top 20 entries based on the answers and how much they shine out from the crowd, and those top 20 will then be thrown into a hat for the final winner to be drawn randomly.  Cool, huh! 

You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter (use BOTH #ShineOn and #DFF hashtags so we can find you), or email.  You can just tell us what makes you shine, or you can show us with pictures. Sharing the love (and telling us you've done it) may shoot your star even further.  We don't want you to feel too much pressure with your entry - even little stars can shine brightly. So #ShineOn y'all! Because when it comes down to it, we're all ridiculously good looking ... 

This competition is open to Australian residents only.  The competition opens today and closes at midnight Tuesday 11 March 2014.

Start shining! 


The Pantene Ice Shine collection is designed to care for hair that feels weighed down, looks lifeless and lacks shine.  Ice Shine works to smooth the hair's cuticle providing intensive nourishment and allowing hair to shine from within. Beauty expert Zoe Foster loves how Pantene Ice Shine removes most product build up as it cleans and protects.  Expert hair stylist Barney Martin loves how it brings life and life to fine hair without adding any weight.  The best news is it's not expensive! The shampoo and conditioner retail at $7.99 each and the Ice Shine Treatment goes for $9.99. Bargain! 


  1. tweeted! (I now have Shine on Harvest Moon in my head...because I'm 107. If I was younger I'd have Vanessa Amorosi's Shine. But I'm not, so I don't)

  2. Awesome comp!!! I get my shine on after a good session at the hairdresser. She makes me feel like a supermodel. I make sure I take all pics of me as soon as I get home because I know for a fact I won't look that good again until my next hair appointment!

  3. I get REALLY shiny when I'm playing netball... but I get the feeling that's not what you're after!

    I get my shine on by spending time with the kids. They just remind me that we've all got little kids inside us, and not to bury mine too deeply. And hubby makes me feel really really ridiculously good-looking. Just a look, a touch... anything!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. What a generous prize! Good luck to everyone.

  4. I get my shine on after I get my eye brows waxed & my hair cut . Most days I have bushy eye brows & bad hair , because my four kids keep me busy . I would love to shine most days , but once every now & again I feel & look human lol

  5. Champagne with a bestie finished with a lemon tart! Nothing makes me shinier!

  6. I think any given moment where I stop and take it all in. There is a warm fuzzy feeling that powers through your body when you are present and grateful for that moment - kind of like a glass of champagne, but no need for the alcohol kick :)

  7. I have no hair on the top of my head. With a good buff and polish it would be very shiny! Does that count?

  8. Whenever I do something just for me is when I feel my best. Unfortunately being a mum and a woman, that doesn't happen very often. Going to the hair dresser always makes me feel like a model after. Its on my to do list at the moment.

  9. Pay me any kind of compliment & I not only feel great, but believe I look great too. Best part, pay it forward & make someone elses' day too.


  10. I get my shine on when looking after people in my community. Helping others makes the the shine inside me glow and that gets my 'shine on'.

  11. I get my shine on when looking after people in my community. Helping others makes the the shine inside me glow and that gets my 'shine on'.

  12. I get my shine on when I am organised. Sounds a bit silly but I feel myself relax and enjoy life more when I've done the things I need to and as a result I feel like I am shining and ready to face another day or another challenge. What a great prize!

  13. When we go out for the night and I put on a dress, heels and lipstick. (as a SAHM the other 13 days of the fortnight usually don't require any of these three things!)

  14. I get my shine on after hot yoga - you know all that glistening perspiration (sweat). With the march of the greys I've been colouring my own hair a bit lately, but love that special hairdresser feeling too.

  15. I get my shine on and feel my best when I am coaching kids at cheerleading because they lift my spirits with their joy, their smiles and their energy.

  16. I get my shine on by walking along the beach, in the water, I could just walk forever, I don't need anyone by my side, I just need to feel the wind in my face, smell the salt air and I often feel so at peace that I shed a wee tear for whatever is going on in my life at the time, but then I get a second shine when I walk in the door after being away and my children come rushing out the door yelling "mummy's home" it makes me realise that my life is fantastic.

  17. Personality.......and a nice appearance , and a nice sense of humor..shared ♥♥
    Marwa Yates

  18. I do one day a month working at my kids tuckshop for free, and I love it! I work to be paid all month, and look forward to the one day a month I work for free (everyone thinks I'm weird, which I am!) I get to spend the whole day making the kids day a bit nicer and helping all the tiny kids work out what they want to spend their 20 cents on (not kidding), my kids cost me a fortune in lunch money, but they love me being there, and I walk out of that school feeling georgous!!


  19. Spending every saturday morning in our near by Aged care - sharing smiles, cupcakes and books with them. Becoming a part of their weekend life along with my son really makes me shine from within. I get so much sense of achievement by doing this every week that i look forward to go back there.

  20. shared the giveaway on twitter...


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