Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 1609 - A free Sunday

The rain has cleared and the air is fresh ....
The view from my desk
For the first time in FOREVER Tahlia and I have a free Sunday.  Normally our Sunday's are filled with lots of cheer because for the last few years it's been a day of cheerleading training.  Both she and I have arranged our Sunday around this sport.  But we've had to withdraw from physically participating in the sport because of Tahlia's upcoming surgery.

I won't go into too much detail about it publicly, other than to say she has to have an operation which means she won't be able to participate in any contact sport for a long time.  It's life changing stuff for this young teenager.  No cheerleading.  In support of my baby girl I too have withdrawn.  Together we will now watch from the sidelines and cheer in the crowd rather than from the competition floor.

On the plus side, we get our Sunday's back.  Today as I look out the window at a blue sky day and hear  birds chirping and lawnmowers coming to life
, I wonder "what will we do with this clear, fresh day?"  I'm thinking it might start with a walk around the lake.  And then progress to watching Darby play indoor soccer.  Perhaps a massage might be in store?

For every challenge there's an opportunity.  We have a free Sunday ... the opportunities are endless!

What are you doing with your Sunday? 

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