Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1610 - On the road again

Today  I take a road trip ....

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It's time to load up the car and get behind the wheel.  Today I'm driving almost 6 hours to a beautiful rural community towards the NSW/Victorian border.  I'm off to the Deniliquin region where they farm sheep, rice and dairy.  Not because I'm in the market for wool, milk or rice .... but because I've got a handful of author talks at schools and I'm speaking at an International Women's Day event.  Yay! Can't wait.  But first I have to do all the things a mother has to do before she leaves the nest for a week, and I also have to do all the things a business owner has to do before she leaves the office for a week.  And then I suppose I should do all the things a daily blogger needs to do when they're not sure if they will have internet coverage for a week. Thank you cyberspace for the convenience of the scheduled post. 

Denny is a great spot to visit.  There are a gazillion great spots to visit in this great country of ours.  To check out some head to Your RV Lifestyle.

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