Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 1611 - Use less shampoo

For healthier hair, use less shampoo

Kristin Wiig - Image Source
According to hair stylist Tim Rogers who is the creative director of Living Proof and works with actresses such as Kristin Wiig, using too much shampoo can strip hair of its protective oils, making it dry and dull.  He suggests we should use only the smallest dab of shampoo emulsified with water on our scalp where the hair is most oily.  For long hair just a dab the size of a US quarter.

Really? Wow.  Not sure ... but I suppose it's worth a shot. I guess it would save us a bucket load of money shampoo.

Another way to save a bucket load on shampoo is to enter the SUPER DUPER Pantene Ice Shine competition.

One lucky Deep Fried Fruit reader can win over $1000 in prizes.  Seriously! All you've got to do is tell me what makes you get your shine on.

When do you feel ridiculously good looking?

Click here to find out more comp information. 

*Information source: Redbook Magazine March 2014

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