Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 1613 - The Conargo Shire

Here is one community who really looks after the ladies ...

The Deep Fried guest speaker
Yesterday I was the guest speaker at the Conargo Shire International Women's Day high tea.   This is a free event put on by the shire for their female rate payers.  It was a fabulous day in the lovely village of Pretty Pine.

One hundred female farmers and farmer's wives gathered together to chat, mingle, listen, eat, drink and celebrate.  The room was full of very talented people in the agri-business industry who were not only well versed in the ways of the land, but also had their own very unique stories to tell and wonderful individual talents to share.  The Conargo Shire is unique in that there is no town attached to it.  The "villages" or areas within the shire are nothing more than a pub, a small school, a hall and (if you're lucky) a recreational area. So without a town to have to run, the rates money can be used for a few fancy things like International Women's Day high teas! Seriously sensational stuff.  Needless to say I had a ball! I might just start paying some rates in Conargo just so I can get a seat next year ....

Deep Fried Fruit (front and centre) with some of the lovely ladies of Conargo shire.
Birgit, Eva, Jo, Leanne, Jo, Lou, Libby

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