Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 1618 - Sleepless nights and a buzzing brain

This post come to you at 4.00am

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Some days I am more than exhausted; other days I am a bundle of energy; some nights I sleep like the dead; and others I am awake at 1.00am.  I guess stress will do that to you.  I think I am stressed.  I'm not sure what about though .... nothing ... and everything.  There is a jumble in my head that is hard to define: disorder .... chaos ... worry ... uncertainty ... fear ... guilt ... concern ... lack of control ...

I've been absolutely buggered the last few days.  It was going to happen after two weeks of travel - writing the book, author talks, Cheer Chick filming.  Then of course while I have spent all that time travelling I am leaving a pile of work undone at home.  And there is some real life health issues going on within my extended family and friendship circle. Lots to deal with. Too much to think about.  Much to dwell on. There is a lot going on inside my head ... but at the same time there is nothing.  Confused? Yeah ... tell me about it.

Anyway, there is only one thing to do: Get my mind back into order.  It's time to physically file, write my to-dos and compartmentalise my areas of work so as to get order back in my head for a (relatively) stress free existence.  Time to put everything neatly back  into its place.  Time to get some order in this chaos. Easier said than done? Not really ... not when I've got my clever thinking brain turned on.  Trouble is, the clever thinking brain is eluding me.  I may have lost it in my travels ...

So there is only one thing to do: Turn on the Kardashians and see if I can stop the buzz inside my head.  It may not help me find my mind .... but at least I might get some sleep.

I secretly love the Kardashians.  Purely for research purposes of course ....

What do you do to turn off a buzzing brain?

When you've lost your mind. where do you usually find it?

It's possible mine is under my pillow ... I should check ....


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  1. I get up and have a bath and read - at least that way I'm enjoying myself and unwinding, instead of worrying I won't get enough sleep...

  2. In my family we call it "boiling brains". There's a great Paul McKenna audio thing that really helps me get back to sleep when nothing else works

  3. Umm I'm totally not surprised you're stressed, you really are as busy as two 'normal' people. I find turning off my brain very hard, it's easier on the weekends when I have hubby around to share the load x

  4. Leanne, you have so much going on, no wonder you're finding it hard to sleep!
    I'm usually a great sleeper, but at the moment my husband who usually works night shift is working during the day, and I'm not used to his snoring!
    If I can't possibly sleep, I usually read, but then I pay for it the next day.
    I hope it all starts to get back on track for you soon xx

  5. Sometimes I think we are one and the same person!
    Funnily enough, I turned to the Kardashians yesterday. I don't ever turn to them as I have an addiction to English Soaps. Were you sending me some sort of subliminal message or something?

  6. Sounds like a massive few weeks you've had; no wonder you are all over the place!
    When I'm in that frame of mind, I chuck on a DVD and pull out my knitting. The repetitiveness of the craft activity, combined with the relaxing in front of the TV, is usually enough to settle me and make everything possible again.

  7. This has been me lately. I don't wake at 4 am, once I am asleep I'm fine usually, but I can't GET to sleep! I recently had a front tooth pulled and a dental implant put in, started my masters degree the following week, am now having tests done on my heart, which all is enough in itself but then add in work, a child, a husband etc. I have never been so restless in my life. The other night I tried counting backwards from 100, and it took me 4 times before I was asleep. I'm hoping my mind is at my naturopath's when I see her this morning! Hope you can find a way to quieten the mind and get some good sleep. xo Aroha

  8. I know this feeling all too well. I'm not sure that anything I do really helps but I find that losing myself in a good book at least takes my mind off it.


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