Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 1621 - Memories

I remember when ....

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I remember when I was two years old in our house in Cooma.  I recall running through the house, around and around a wall ... through a doorway, down a hall, back through another doorway and into the lounge room .... around and around in a circle. I was laughing.  I think I was running from mum.  I'm not sure how true the memory is ... but the vision is implanted in my brain.

I remember when I lived in Goulburn at the age of 10. Riding my bike down the hill in our street ... no hands.

I remember climbing the tree out the front of my house.

I remember watching The Goodies on the ABC every night.

I remember eating half a box of salt and vinegar chips each afternoon noon when I got home from school (remember when chips came in boxes?)

I remember playing netball and riding horses.

I remember hanging out with the girl up the street.

I remember my primary school and some of the teachers.

I remember the playground being separated into "girls" and "boys".

I remember going to Nimmitabel for school holidays with my cousins.

I remember my pink and white panda bear who went everywhere with me and had his own suitcase of clothes.  I would take pictures of that bear on holidays.

I remember high school and the conflict, challenges and uncertainties with friends.

I remember mum being diagnosed with leukaemia.

I remember so much ....

But those memories are just tiny snippets.  Little snapshots in my mind with no attention to detail. Like a box full of Polaroids to remind me that my life had a beginning and a middle.

Yesterday as I spent time with Nanna listening to her memories I marveled that she could still recall these facts in her 90s.  Then I realised that these memories were the ones she always spoke of.  They are the stories she tells over and over which cements them in her brain. Like looking at photos, it's easy to recall when you look at the snapshots often.

I sit here thinking of Darby at the age of 10 and Tahlia at the age of 14. Their lives seem so full.  But how much of today will they actually remember tomorrow?  I find it hard to fathom that their lives which are so important right now ... that the activities we plan, the holidays we take, the study they do and the challenges they face will become distant memories which may or may not be recalled in another 10, 20, 30 years time.  These moments we share right now will at some point be lost in time.

They say memories last forever.  They say the memories remain long after the footprints in the sand have faded.  But do they? Do they really?  How much do we really remember?

What's your earliest memory?

How can we capture these memories so they won't disappear forever? 


  1. I have the worst memory, and can barely tell you what I did yesterday. But I read a great line from The Streetsweeper, bt Eliot Perlman (sp?)It's along the lines of ' Memory is like a hungry dog - you can't call it on demand, or make it go away, but it can't survive without you. (he says it better, it's on the first page of the book, but I don't have a copy)

  2. I remember standing at the top of a escalator BAWLING because mum had stepped on and I'd let go of her hand, too scared to step on, and watched her drift away from me. A stranger picked me up and carried me down to mum. No lingering issues with escalators, but the memory is so strong!

  3. Good question. I think I remember my brother's 1st birthday party so I would have been 3 1/2. It is complicated because we have a polaroid of it.
    I am struggling with my memory due to chemo brain -Memory loss, short and long term - even how to spell words and basic routine things that I've done for years and the sequence would be forgotten.
    I've wondered the same thing about what my boys will remember.

  4. Playing in the sandpit. Being curious what sand tasted like. Trying some... didn't taste so great!

  5. I'm the same, I just remember snippets. But my earliest memory would be around 2ish when we lived in a house opposite a high school. I remember always out walking with Mum. Interesting what you would come up with if you actually sat down and thought about it!

  6. My very first memory is of me sitting on our front verandah, playing with Lego, and it was HOT! I must have been about 2, because my little sister wasn't around yet.
    I love the feeling this memory gives me, back before life got complicated. xx

  7. My memory is atrocious but I do remember being very young and mum chasing me around the house. She was only mucking about but by the time she got to me, I had fainted.

  8. I remember a lot but my earliest memories (I think) is of my brother pushing me in a pram down the street :)

  9. I remember breaking an Easter Egg in a shop at the age of three and my mother having to buy it and letting me eat it at home. I'm sure that's my earliest memory. My husband can't remember past about ten years of age!

  10. My earliest memories all surround holidays with the fam.. and my mum bringing my baby brother home from hospital.

    To answer your question about preserving memories, I think it's important to just keep telling stories. My kids lost their Nanna almost two years ago - my daughter was only 2 and my son was in my tummy - but we keep her memory alive by constantly re-telling stories about my daughter's time with her Nanna. I'm not sure if she can truly recall baking cupcakes with her and all the other lovely stuff we talk about, but she tells the stories as if she can remember.

    PS I also watched the Goodies every afternoon and ate chips from boxes!

  11. My first memory is my dad telling my mum that Elvis had died. I was 3. But my older brother remembers the same moment differently - so who's to say whose memory is accurate? (Mine, of course). :)

  12. So I think I was 4 - my first actual memory was of me riding my new red scooter! Of course I remember lots about life on the farm, feeding lambs, calves, chooks, picking gooseberries. I have to say that as parents we think we are scarring our children with what we do know but we're not! Well I hope so

  13. My first memory is spilling orange juice on my seat during our flight to Australia when we migrated.
    My brother said they would kick me off the flight and got me so worried, I sat on the wet patch all the way. Welcome to Australia! Soggy undies and all!
    Forgot about chips in boxes! Wow!


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