Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 1623 - The Sunday Sloth

Another free Sunday! What will I do?

How cute is this sloth!! Ok - so now I want a pet sloth ...
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After another all day photo shoot with Tahlia Jane yesterday and a dawn awaking to edit Cheer Chick videos today, I have found myself with a free day ahead.  I'm not used to this whole "Sunday is a day of rest" thing.  Without cheerleading training in our lives I find myself at a complete loss!

I guess I could wash clothes (although Husband did a lot of that for us yesterday ... yeah, he's a keeper); I could vacuum, dust and mop (but that seems like a complete waste of a free day); I could exercise (but the thought of sore muscles on top of my already fibromyalgic body aches isn't overly appealing); or I could just become a Sunday sloth and lay on the couch watching Kardashians, Housewives, Guiliana and Bill and Million Dollar Matchmaker! Purely for research purposes of course ....  

What to do, what to do?  

I guess I'll just go where the wind (or the kids) take me! 

Happy Sunday y'all ... 

Hope you get in touch with your inner sloth. So cute!


  1. There's an amazing thunderstorm happening at the moment. So nice to be at home and all cosied up with my family.
    Enjoy your Sunday, Leanne! Whatever you end up doing!

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