Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 1629 - Too busy to exercise?

Forget the meet and greet, make it a walk and talk 

I am always making excuses as to how busy I am and how I have no time for exercise.  And that's all they are - excuses.  So to combat them I have started organising walk and talks.  Meetings with your sneakers on.  Instead of sitting around the table for an hour let's walk around the lake instead.  Yesterday my lovely friend and trusty cheer coach Belinda and I discussed all that we needed to regarding Good Shepherd Cheer, Cheer Chick Charlie and the Cheer Chicks while we power walked the 5km trek around my local lake.  All the worries of the world were sorted, the actions noted and next steps decided on while we took care of our fitness.

I wonder who I can rope into having a mobile meeting next week! 

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