Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 1632 - Junk Mail

Find your secret romance - Life's too short, have an affair.

Image snip taken from my email this morning - pictures removed. 

Really?  That's the headline that greets me everyday as I open my emails with the new lot of spam that's entering my mailbox.  I've been getting these emails daily for a few weeks, but they're part of a pile of junk mail that I receive every night so without opening it I just press "delete".

This morning I thought I might open it to see if perhaps I could "unsubscribe". Not that I felt I had ever subscribed in the first place, but you know, surely there's a way to stop. To my shock it wasn't advertising a lovely "find your perfect match" style dating website with smiling faces and lovey dovey expressions, but a 100% secure, completely anonymous and NOW GUARANTEED website to help you have an affair if you're trapped in a sexless marriage. Oh, and they weren't smiling faces that greeted me.  The smiles were coming from the other end of the female anatomy.

The email suggests that there are a bunch of women in my "local area" ready and waiting to have discreet sex.  With names like Foxy Slut, BJ Betty, Danger Kitten, Luvs2Suck I can press some magic button on my email and these ladies will become active within 4-24 hours.  What the?!

The good news is, after wading through the "smiling faces", I found the "unsubscribe" button. Of course I'd never subscribed in the first place but it's just one example of a list of emails I'm getting which is possibly occurring due to the increase in users "registering" with my various WordPress websites (Leanne Shea Langdown and Cheer Chick Charlie) .  I have now turned the register option off. This company is based in Toronto Canada so I guess the whole subscriber policies/laws is probably lost when we cross international borders.  Not sure I can report them for dodgy subscription tactics.

I do know one thing. I previously had a trial period for increased protection on my Avast antivirus software which included blocking email spam.  It was wonderful to come to my emails each day to find 50 legitimate emails (of which half are actual correspondence and the other half are fair dinkum subscriptions) instead of 120 emails of which 70+ are completely illegitimate.

Anywho, I'll get it sorted.

The bottom line is there is a bunch of spam that's starting to really shit me.  "Newsletters" that I haven't signed up for, of which some have their own very detailed  bottom line.  It's becoming a hazard as my real emails often get lost in the fluff as I get overzealous with my deleting.

Today I take stock and get it all sorted.

Sorry Foxy Betty Suck Kitten ... You're gonna have to take your "smiles" somewhere else.

Does anyone out there know of any quick and easy (and preferably free) spam filters? 


  1. I'm sure there are some bright sparks out there who are genuinely surprised when BJ Betty charges $200 for half and hour.

  2. Goodness - I'd be getting back onto the anti-virus software ASAP. Who knows what could come into your inbox next???? Glad you were able to finally "unsubscribe" Leanne!

  3. Luvs2suck must be a real person...I'm sure...

  4. Oh I hate these type of 'subscriptions'! It always pays to read the fine print of everything, but sometimes you still inadvertently sign up for some crap like this, or other parties decide to sign you up. How nice of them. I use Gmail and it is pretty good with dealing with spam #teamIBOT

  5. Danger Kitten haha, worst sex-worker name ever. Glad you could unsubscribe :)

  6. There are dating services for people who want to have affairs? The mind boggles!

  7. Oh they shit me too.
    Luckily I have not been told to go elsewhere for sex by my SPAM. I had heard of that website before and couldn't believe it existed and was thriving. I guess that is a sign of the times.

  8. The ones that get me are the ones that send you an email after you unsubscribe (again to things you don't recall subscribing to in the first place) and they say "it may take up to 7 days to cancel your subscription" then you continue to get the email for another month. WTF?! WHY?! GO AWAAAAAY! As a side note, my son "subscribed" me to Zoosk online dating!!! Through being on my FB page!! So I am getting emails from all these guys who "want to meet me" and I can't figure out how to make it STOP! x Aroha

  9. I had this exact email pop into my inbox recently. I've only had one, so maybe my hubby unsubscribed me when he was questioning it's existence!

  10. How annoying is all this rubbish we get sent to us?!! I hope you're sorted soon, those names are tragic!

  11. ATM my biggest spam comments are about detox from drinking!! How do they know?? ;)

  12. I love my gmail because so far *touches wood* I only get a handful of spam a week, if that. My hotmail is out of control though.


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