Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 1634 - The Rain

The rain ... and the pain ...

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I have been loving the rain.  We've had a few days of lovely consistent and fairly solid rain.  No wind. Just rain.  The birds are singing through it.  Kids are laughing in it.  It's been nice.  There is something cleansing and calming about it.  Something natural and simple. An excuse to stop.  Wearing brand new flannie PJs, drinking tea with a rug on a the couch is a great way to spend a rainy evening.  Bed early.  Listening to the rain drumming on the roof and overflowing the gutters.

Unfortunately though the rain brings with it pain.  Fibromyalgia (much like arthritis or an old injury) doesn't fare well in rainy conditions.  Something to do with low pressure systems or the damp or something.  The pain in my neck, shoulders and back burns.  Up and down.  It hurts to sit, to stand and to lay.  It just hurts.  It also targets pain points in my face. Somewhat sinus like. Luckily the fibro fog (which also intensifies in the rain) is keeping to a minimum this week. That's a bonus.  It's easier to deal with the aches when you've got a clear head.

So while that pain sucks, it could always be worse.  Believe it or not, this week ... right now ... I'm still loving the rain ....

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