Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 1635 - Delivery Man #DFFDelivery

Are you ready for this delivery?

Ready for some Vince Vaughn in your life? A WHOLE LOT of Vince Vaughn?  How about 533 Vince Vaughns?

Delivery man is a fairly typical Vince Vaughn movie.  He plays a character similar to many he's played before - big, thoughtless, lovable, quick, annoying, endearing, frustrating, goofy, unreliable, sweet, funny, nice.  You know the one.  Where at the start of the movie he's as frustrating as all hell, but by the end he's the bloke you adore.

David Wozniak works in his family meat market and is continually on the hunt for the next get rich quick scheme.  Tens of thousands of dollars in debt (or possibly hundreds of thousands) he even resorts to growing pot to pay back his loans.  Let's just say he has a brown thumb and the whole pot selling business goes to ... well .... pot. Add a few henchmen into the mix and things really start to get interesting.

When he finds out his ex girlfriend is pregnant he starts to re-evaluate his life.  Perhaps being a father will bring him some order?

533 orders of "order" coming right up!

It turns out he isn't actually becoming a father for the first time ... he discovers he has fathered 533 children via "anonymous" donations made to a sperm clinic 20+ years ago under the pseudonym "Starbuck". Things get interesting when 142 of his kids decide to file a law suit against Starbuck and he (still anonymous) needs to decide whether or not to come forward and reveal his identity.

David starts a journey of discovering who his offspring are and enters a world of self discovery along the way.  Delivery man is a story about how helping and caring for others as their "guardian angel" leads to fulfillment and a sense of pride and purpose.  As he goes under cover to help them all move forward with their lives, he ends up moving forward positively with his own.  By the time his new baby is born, David has become the sensible calming force in an otherwise chaotic world.

This movie is funny, heartfelt and easy to watch.  It's a great Saturday date night flick. Not too heavy, not too light ... it's just right.


The best part about Delivery Man is that I get to make a delivery of my own! Yep, I've got THREE copies of the DVD to give away in readiness for the DVD release date on 9 April 2014.  All you've got to do to enter the draw is put on your best postie voice and say "DELIVERY!"  You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter #DFFDelivery, email or text.  Check out the Deep Fried Facebook page to find out how you can get some extra entries into the draw.

The competition closes at midnight next Friday 4 April 2014 with winners announced sometime over that weekend. If winners don't respond within three days there will be a redraw.  Competition open to Aussie residents only.  DVDs will be posted out to winners on launch date.


  1. Can you imagine getting news like that?! We had a little love child appear in our family a couple of years ago. One was shock enough let alone 533! Needless to say he's as loved up in our family as the rest of the children. It's the only way to go, although spreading the love to there's a challenge!

  2. Love a Wince movie! Guaranteed to have a good night in (or out depending on where you watch it). Haven't heard of this one, considering most of my movies are G rated these days and the protagonist is almost always animated. Would love to watch this x

  3. I am not a Vince fan.

    I find his movie generally trite, predicable and overrated. As an actor his performances are wooden and forced.

    Apart from this I hear he's a really nice guy!

  4. I saw the previews for this one and wondered what it would be like. I don't mind his movies for something light, but don't think you can beat him in Swingers. x

  5. Beep!! Beep!! Toot!! Toot!!


    My postie gets SO impatient.

    I am a Vince Vaughn fan. I thinks he's a hoot!! Or is that Toot?


  6. Delivery !!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  7. I must admit I am a sucker for movies like this.

    Oh and my parcel post delivery guy is so lazy he just knocks on the door and yells DELIVERY as he skulks away. Occasionally he sticks around and says DELIVERY, SIGN FOR. He seriously needs to lighten up or at least mix it up a bit.

  8. Knock knock.
    Who's there?
    Delivery Who?
    Delivery man!


  9. I'm a bit of a Vince Vaughn fan .... he delivers me from a boring Saturday night on the couch and makes my partner and I laugh out loud :)


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