Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 1636 - Scissor and Roc Hairdressing Canberra

Are you looking for more than just a haircut?

Welcome to Scissor & Roc hairdressing
If you live in the ACT and you're looking for a new hair salon, then get your butts down to the Kingston Foreshore and try Scissor and Roc Hairdressing.  Housed in a spacious, light and roomy shopfront, the fashion forward Scissor and Roc crew really know a thing or two about hair.  They partner with quality hair care brands to stay in tune with current trends, styling methods and best practice.

What I love the most is the decor.  A beautiful big bench and comfortable chairs with free WiFi so that I can work on my laptop while I get my hair done.  Getting a shampoo is an experience all on its own with lovely massage lounge chairs to recline in and a TV to watch as your hair is cleaned and your head is massaged.  Hungry? Then treat yourself to their lolly bar.  Thirsty? Then choose from their selection of teas and coffee.  Want to read? Then there is a big selection of magazines including latest issues. And if you're a man, you don't need to hang with the ladies.  You can sit with the blokes in the man cave.  They've even got a beer fridge! So much more than a haircut ... it's an outing all on its own.

Hey guys - don't want to hang with the ladies? Then welcome to the Man Cave

The basin area - chairs have since been upgraded to massage lounges. Heaven! 

Some fun stuff to to look at - and lollies to eat

Products to buy and the tea and coffee menu

The waiting room with piles of magazines to choose from - including latest issues

The reception desk

Dedicated staff who are completely up-to-date with current trends

Owner Jesinda with model Tahlia Jane getting her hair ready for a shoot before official store opening hours

 You can find Scissor and Roc in Giles Street, Kingston (at the Foreshore end) right next to Anytime Fitness.

You can also hang out with them on Facebook where you'll get to see some of their antics as they participate each week in a Friday Flashback of old school hair and a retro wardrobe.

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