Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 1637 - Happy Birthday Husband

Today is Derek's birthday 

Tahlia's meal of corn chips and salsa (not pictured), spag bol and Viennetta and strawberries for dessert. Good effort for her first time cooking. Love the apron!
Birthdays last a week in our house so for the last five days we've been doing special little things for Derek in celebration of his birthday week.  A super special lunch time sandwich one day, making breakfast for him another day, patting him on the  head one day, telling him how fabulous he looks another day, letting him choose the TV shows one day, having 14 year old daughter cook him a three course meal (complete with printed menu) another day.  That sort of thing.  Today is his ACTUAL birthday which means we'll do absolutely nothing he wants to do and everything we want to do for him. Sounds fair.

Happy birthday Husband!! 

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