Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 1640 - The Auto Italia Car Show

Who loves fast cars? Who loves Italians? 

As part of Derek's birthday celebrations on the weekend we took a wander to the lawns of Old Parliament House to check out the cars at the Auto Italia car show.  Whether you love cars or not, you've got to admit that Lamborghinis and Ferraris are pretty impressive.

It was a sea of Fiat's, Lambos, Ferraris, Alfa's, Ducatis , Vespas and a bunch of other Italian made automobiles that greeted us as we wandered through the show.  Yellow, red, black and white were definitely the favourite colours which made for a really colourful event.

The show is run every year with prizes across a number of categories for the vehicle owners.  It's free for spectators to enter and there's a bunch of food vendors on site to help you make a day of it.

The crowd on Sunday included car enthusiasts, families and photographers.

It's a great little day out for those in the nation's capital.

Click here for information on next years show.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Wow that's a collection Leanne! I wouldn't mind one of those little bike/sidecar deals for myself :)

  2. That's lovely! Looks like a fun day, car enthusiast or not

  3. I adore European cars, especially fast ones! A fair bit of money parked up there that's for sure!

  4. I am not much of a car guy, but I can appreciate the styling of some of those classic vehicles. I thought the Vespa with sidecar was really cool!

  5. Great looking car show. Lovely photos too.

  6. I appreciate the classics too , not that I know much about them - red = Hawt. Great shots.

  7. I'm not usually one for cars either, but you're right, those Ferraris are stunning!

  8. I don't too much about cars, and they all look the same under the bonnet to me lol
    I can appreciate why people love going to car shows though.
    Last weekend we saw cars on show in our main street, there was an aqua old holden premier and it was beautiful! I could have imagined myself cruising around in that :)


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