Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 1641 - Glowing Skin

Apparently we can have fresh, smooth and radiant skin at any age.  Yay! 

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As I get more and more Deep Fried I find that the thing I miss the most is having clean, smooth and vibrant looking skin. There are days when I see my face and think "who the hell is that?"  It's like I've entered a movie where they've had the special effects make-up artists pile paint and plaster on my face to age me for my "future" scene.  Then there are other days when everything is looking quite nice, shiny and radiant.  Why?

I put much of it down to stress and lack of sleep.  If I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders then my glow definitely refuses to shine.  If I am tired and grumpy then I'm more likely to growl than glow.  Of course there is a bunch of lovely beauty products that can assist with these things and I have been experimenting with them a lot lately. But really, is it products we need as we hit a point of no-glow? Or is it perhaps finding something from within?

In the March "Woman's Weekly" they highlight three glow tricks from the pros:

  1. Watch what you eat: Much of my glow disappears when I am eating the stuff that I know I have problems with.  Sneaking tomatoes into my diet, or eating too much bread and wheat products, definitely takes me from "glow" to "oh no ...".  According to the experts overdoing the sugar can age your skin by breaking down collagen and elastin.  It can also cause breakouts and uneven patches.  They say to eat fresh brightly coloured fruits and veges. Plus of course we've got to drink lots of water.
  2. Be happy:  Beauty guru Bobbi Brown says that happiness is the best cosmetic.  She also says that one of the best ways to be happy is to take good care of yourself.  The healthier you are, the better looking you feel.  Yep - I concur ... when I'm feeling fit and fabulous I become ridiculously good looking.
  3. Breathe Deep:  I think too often I simply forget to breathe.  Yesterday I walked onto my back deck and just inhaled and exhaled with wonder, gratitude and release.  According to Dr Wechsler, "slow controlled breathing returns the body to a more balanced state and removes signs of stress."  Giving yourself the opportunity for some lovely fresh air, taken deep into the lungs, creates a better quality blood flow and ... you guessed it ... a glow.
So there you have it.  While all those lotions and potions are lovely and all, the real secret to fresh, smooth and radiant skin starts with the simple things.  

Eat, breathe and be merry! 

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