Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 1644 - The Australian Model Conference

Yesterday I attended Australia's Model Conference

Australian Model Conference held at Event Cinemas in George Street Sydney
As you know one of the hats I wear is that of Mumager to my model daughter.  So it was with much excitement that we drove to Sydney to attend Australia's first model conference.  It was wonderful to be part of something at its "birth".

The Australian Model Conference is the initiative of Dean Marzolla and the crew from the Aussie Elite Group.    The aim of the conference is to work with agencies to uncover top local talent, expose any scams or fraudsters and offer direction for success.  From a Mumager point of view the conference was invaluable in helping me determine what is best for Tahlia's positive forward movement. Particularly since I am not in the fashion industry so have absolutely no clue as to how these things work.

The conference had a bunch of great speakers including a glamour model, fashion designer, casting specialist, Mrs Australia 2014, fashion photographer, TV presenter, model manager/mentor, a promo model, Miss Universe finalist and a NSW Police Sergeant.  There were a bunch of sponsors for the event and I even managed to score myself an extra special goody bag with some lovely treats like nail polish, mascara, eye liner, magazine etc.  One of the nicest things about the event was that it was a not for profit day with all proceeds going to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

The conference was small in numbers which was a little disappointing for organisers.  But then again, it is the first year they have run it and I am sure it will see growth in 2015.  From my point of view I enjoyed the intimate setting because it meant that most people were able to access the speakers around the edges of the event to get some one-on-one advice.  Tahlia was just pleased to be in the room with so many aspiring models and to hear some first hand accounts of working in the industry.

We both learned a lot and it really assisted with our direction.  Understanding what photographers, agents and companies are looking for; the different avenues we can take; and what time lines will be best suited to Tahlia's career. It also confirmed that the path we have started on is actually the right path.

The best part of the day was that Tahlia became visible to a number of brands, agents and models who would never have seen her otherwise.  She was lucky enough to make it into the top three "longest legs" competition winning stockings and shoes as a result.  The comp was just a tricky way to get the models out the front so that the panel could meet everyone. Her favourite part of that was being so strongly supported (and chosen) by Jordan Finlayson, promo model, brand ambassador and Beauty and the Geek contestant.  She was a wealth of knowledge, funny, supportive and just an all round bundle of energy.  She was very supportive of Tahlia's legs!

I guess I should also point out that one of the modelling agents took a keen interest in Tahlia at the event.  So much so that when the Director of the agency couldn't spot her in the crowd she did a call out over the microphone for her. Needless to say we are now in discussions regarding Tahlia's possible representation in NSW.

I'd say the day was well worth the tank of petrol, organising accommodation, and the $20 donation we made to Ovarian Cancer Australia.  If you're an aspiring model (or the mum or dad of one) then be sure to keep an eye out for the 2015 event!

Tahlia being photographed during the casting session

The panel taking questions and offering advice

Some of the speakers at the event

Tahlia arriving at the event

The longest legs competition

Listening to the speakers

Making it to the top three

The models lining up to be seen by the agents and brands attending on the day

Walking the red carpet during casting


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