Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 1646 - Positive Aging Part Two

Continuing to grow ....

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I think as we get older we forget that it's important to grow.  When we're babies, children, teens the growth is obvious both physically, mentally and in life experience. As we hit our 20s the growth continues through work, travel, extra study, relationships and buying the first home.  In our 30s and 40s we often hit a level of comfort where we coaster along knowing that we've got certain skills and expertise. We relax into ourselves a bit   Then when we hit middle age we sometimes find ourselves bored, unfulfilled and in "crisis".

I strongly believe that one of the secrets to aging positively is the ability to continually grow.  I think we're meant to.  Hundreds of years ago people didn't live long lives.  That area of our lives which we refer to as middle age was (in many cases) old age.  So it wasn't necessary to continue to grow once you hit your 30s, 40s or 50s.

So many of us who are middle-aged have been on the same career path, living in the same town, taking the same holidays, hanging out with the same people, indulging in the same hobbies and participating in the same social activities for decades.  We stop learning. We stop striving.  We stop creating. We stop growing.  We lack fulfillment. And as a result we plateau.

That plateau ... that feeling of same old, same old ... the lack of fulfillment ... I reckon that's what a mid life crisis is.  A mid life crisis is a lack of growth.

To age positively we need to remember to grow.

Whether it be signing up for a course, going down a completely different career path, getting a degree, taking dancing lessons, finding a new hobby, visiting a different country, joining a club, undertaking volunteer work or climbing a mountain, it all adds to our life experience ... which means we are once again experiencing life.






We've got to continue to grow ...

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The good news is we can recommence our growth at any time.  We don't have to be particularly clever at something before we take it on board.  We've just got to take that first step.

I know one thing is for sure, I may be Deep Fried, but I've still got a whole lot more growing to do! And it starts today.

Where are you going to grow? 


  1. You speak the truth! We should all be lifelong learners. My Granddad began learning the piano in his eighties and could play very well in his nineties for all the oldies in the home.

  2. There's a saying, and I forget who, but it's along the lines of life long learning and my tombstone will be my diploma...
    I have friends mid sixties, and we go to concerts and plays and meet up in foreign locations for lunch because like us, they are interested in new things. It's funny how many people we know, 20 years younger than them, don't want to do anything other than come to dinner at the house (even if it's free its too difficult)

  3. I love this Leanne, it is so very true. I think I am doing the most learning and growing now that I am in my 40's. In my 20's I probably thought I knew it all and in my 30's I was busy setting up a home and having babies. I now have much more clarity about many aspects of life and the need to keep challenging yourself. We often see marriages break down when this mid life boredom hits when sadly some people rely too much on someone else to make them happy. We must strive to keep growing both in our relationships and as individuals.

  4. I think the decline can start to happen after you have kids in a way because you focus on the needs and growth of your own family but not on yourself. I'm going to embed this message in my mind to try new experiences the next time I feel bored and stagnant.

  5. Oooh I love this. So true. I am in my 40's and I am so scared to step outside my comfort zone. We need to keep learning and growing for our own self esteem. Thank u for writing this.

  6. There is so much truth to this. I think we take "growing" for granted when we are young, perhaps it is expected and therefore we just go with the flow. I have found some of the greatest moments of growth and enlightenment have been now (yes, middle age). There is a certain sense of clarity now, confidence and maybe even more fulfillment about growing that wasn't there is my youth. Great post Josefa #teamIBOT

  7. I feel like I am using this year to grow as I feel like I need to make some decisions that will take my life in a new direction as I've felt 'stuck' in this one for too long! Someone told me the other day that if I keep doing what I've always been doing I'll keep getting what I've always gotten...and I don't like what I've gotten so much so far, so time to grow and go!
    Thanks for the thought provoking post and quotes - love them!


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