Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 1652 - Dreamworld

Can you enjoy Dreamworld when you're Deep Fried?

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Hell yeah!!! 

I'm the ride queen in our family - although Tahlia is quickly taking over.  I'll go on all of them, as long as they're smooth. And by smooth I mean as long as they don't bang and jostle my Deep Fried neck, shoulders and head resulting in migraine.  Old wooden click clacky roller coasters are not my friend. Lovely new smooth speedy ones are.  So yeah, you can totes do Dreamworld when you're Deep Fried.  Except perhaps for the Buzz Saw ... which is where this piece of Deep Fried Fruit may have cried ....

The anticipation as I waited in line for the Tower of Terror almost killed me.  Has anyone ever had a heart attack on this ride?  That thought didn't stop me though.  The need for a challenge and to look fear in the face will always push me forward. Holy Crap! Best ride EVER! We did it three times.

The Tower of Terror 2 - Image Source
The Claw was another favourite.  The spinning and the swinging was so smooth it almost rocked me to sleep.  Albeit a slightly nauseous and heart-in-mouth sleep, but a sleep none-the-less.  There was something strangely relaxing about it.

The Claw
The roller coaster - The Cyclone - was a little too jostly for my liking. Not too bad - I've had much worse.  And I managed to get off it headache free, but it was touch-and-go for a while.  Darby struggled with it a bit because his head was banging against the sides.  Not the smoothest ride in the park.

The Cyclone - Image Source
We did most of the rides.  Anything that was of an adrenalin nature at least.  We were really lucky in that we never waited longer than around 20 minutes for a ride yesterday.

I think the two rides that completely buggered me were the rapids ride and the Buzz Saw.

I got HAMMERED on the rapids. Totally drenched.  I was wet through to my undies ... and in white pants no less.  I stayed wet for almost two hours. Very squelchy.

Thunder River Rapids Ride - dry at the start

Thunder River Rapids Ride - Drenched at the end

As for the Buzz Saw, well, I actually may have cried.  I was screaming to get off.  I think my words were "I don't want to do this anymore, please make it stop, I want my Mummy" or words to that effect.  Sitting next to my 10 year old and 14 year old who were laughing at me didn't make me feel any braver.  The thing about the Buzz Saw is it isn't overly different to other rides, other than much of it is done at a slower speed ... the speed gives you a feeling of safety because you are relying on momentum, G-force and gravity to keep you in place.  But without the full force speed component, the hanging upside down being protected purely by a lap bar, is just too threatening.  And it wasn't me I was screaming for ... well not JUST me ... it was the kids.  What if I lost them on this ride?  I hated it.  I hated every second of it.  It broke me ....

The Buzz Saw - I cried

But not for long.  Another go on the Tower of Terror soon fixed it!

Yesterday was fun.  We had a Deep Fried blast.

Today my Deep Fried back burns ... But lying on the beach will fix that. 

Have you been on a ride that broke you?


  1. The only rides I do are ones that have horses on them and go around in circles. My heart was in my throat just reading about the rides you went on. My son however takes after his dad, and is a thrill seeker, so I can't take him to the parks on my own!! I do love the rapids though! LOL I went on the Tower of Terror at DisneyWorld in Florida years and years ago and I absolutely hated it! x

  2. Love all those rides, Tower of Terror my favourite, haven't been on buzzsaw but I really want to! Go you daredevil you!

  3. I am not fearless with rides. In fact far from it!
    We are hitting the gold coast next year, so I really have to toughen up a bit I think!

  4. I'm not good on rides. I don't like the stomach falling sensation. Although I am better than my Dad who had to go on the motionless Batman ride. As an uber cool 12 year old, I was pretty damn embarrassed.

  5. No rides for me - at all. My stomach turns, my head spins and I may as well lie down in a collapsed heap fro the rest of the day if I do. SO I am usually the one holding onto the bags and caps, waiting at the end of the ride for everyone else xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  6. I remember going on the Space Mountain ride in Paris Disneyland and I told my husband that this was my favourite ride in the Annaheim Disneyland. Well it was a different type of ride and I screamed my head off! The end photo captured my terror and we bought it to remember the experience.

  7. So fun! I'm not really a ride person, but I like the idea of them. I'd love to be able to stomach some of these!


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