Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 1654 - Noosa Surf Club

The quest for a table with a view ....

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This quick stop over in Noosa is super important to Derek.  He HAD to spend quality and quantity time on the beach, he HAD to stay in a nice hotel and he HAD to have dinner at the Surf Club with a view of the ocean as the sun went down.  He got it all. Even the view .... after much table hopping.

We arrived at the Surf Club at 5.00pm so we could be the early birds who got the worm. But there was a club full of early birds already eating their worms which meant no table on the balcony overlooking the beach.  Ever the opportunist Derek found us one near the balcony, then watched with eagle eyes as people started to pack to leave.  In a game of table hopping chess, over the course of the hour, we were able to play our way to the view. One vacant table at a time. We'd pick up our drinks, bags and food and race to the next position. We finally made it. Just as the sun went down.  Despite the fact we only had ten minutes of sunlight left, Derek was happy. He got what he came for.

Derek was the cat who got the canary, the early bird who got the worm, the man who got his million dollar view.

Derek with his view of Noosa Beach

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