Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 1663 - Frozen: Give Away! #DFFFrozen

Ready to be whisked away to a magical winter wonderland? 

As we return to cold old Canberra after our 16 day "extending our summer" holiday, I'm ready (somewhat reluctantly) to embrace the cold and rejoice in the cuddly comfort that winter has to offer.  That includes an open fire, warm tea, Ugg boots, flannelette sheets and lots of cozy couch time with the kids in front of a good movie. With that in mind I am super excited about the release of "Frozen" on DVD next Wednesday 30 April.

My kids have already seen Frozen.  They saw it at the movies when it first came out and they both LOVED IT.  Even fourteen year old Tahlia isn't too old for this flick and even suggested it was now one of her favourites.  She quotes from it often.

Some people are worth melting for ....

I have yet to see it, but that quote alone has reeled me in.  I'm ready to get my freeze on.

Frozen is apparently the most successful Disney animation of all time.  It has already earned critical acclaim worldwide including the Golden Globe for best animated feature and Academy Awards for both best animation feature and best song for the song "Let It Go".  

As I haven't yet seen the movie, I can't give you my take on it.  But apparently the story line goes something like this:

Princess Anna and her sister Elsa are the best of friends. Suddenly a mysterious secret divides them and Anna can't understand why her lovely sister has turned so icy.  Through a disastrous mishap their entire kingdom is plunged into a ferocious winter, separating the sisters and leaving Anna to de-frost in the kingdom of Arandelle.  Desperate to track down Elsa and save the day, Anna enlists the help from a band of misfits including mountaineer Kristoff, his sidekick Sven and the very funny snowman Olaf who provide plenty of laughs, tears and sing-a-longs along the way.  

Sounds like Disney to me! 

And we all know how much I LOVE DISNEY! So it is with absolute pleasure that I have partnered with them again for a Frozen give-away.


Win Win Win

It's that time again. Time for another Disney/Deep Fried Fruit give away.  To win one of THREE copies of Frozen on DVD all you have to do is give me a cold shout out. Yep, that's all you have to do. Just get your BRRRR on and you're in the draw to win.  You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter #DFFFrozen, email or text.  Facebook gives you extra chances to win. That easy.  Be sure to leave enough details so I can track you down if you win.  Competition closes next Friday 2 May at midnight. Competition open to Aussie residents only.  

Stay cool peeps! 



  1. Brrrr, its a cold morning this morning... love this movie

  2. "Brrrrr .... it's cold in here ...."

    and have a wet bum from sitting on the grass gardening... note to self dont garden after its been raining

  3. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!! What is winter good for? Absolutely nothing!!

    FROZEN on the other hand.

    Cheers!! Great opportunity thank you.


  4. mornings are already cold before winter has officially started...

  5. BBRRRRR It's cold in Perth this morning,
    On the couch with the kids while hubby is snoring!
    I could go back to bed if I put on a DVD,
    I'd love to win a copy of Frozen for my cheeky three.

  6. BRRRRR it's getting colder by the day :(

  7. Thanks for the entries. Now to go through the hundreds and get ready for draw early next week. COMP NOW CLOSED.

  8. Thanks for the entries. Now to go through the hundreds and get ready for draw early next week. COMP NOW CLOSED.

  9. Here in Perth currently does not have anything that is frozen so far. Nevertheless, I absolutely love that movie very much! It is really a breath of fresh air to finally see a twist of events in a movie unlike the same old Romeo kisses Juliet kind of scene, if you know what I mean. It teaches us, especially children, that ‘true love’ does not necessarily need to be in the form of our significant other, but can be from our family members as well. It is a definite must-watch with friends and family and can be watched over and over again without getting sick and tired of.


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