Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 1665 - Warm water and lemon

Need to get rid of some toxins in your body?  

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Start each day with a drink of warm water and lemon!  According to nutritional experts this whole sleeping thing we do each night is actually quite dehydrating.  So it is suggested that we start each day with warm water because it is less taxing on the system than cold water plus it helps to kick start the metabolism and flush the kidneys.  Add some lemon juice which can help balance pH levels and aid digestion.

According to Zelana Montminy, an LA based nutritionist, the acidity in lemons simulates the liver to produce acids that aid in further detoxification.

As an added bonus I was once told that lemons also help your eyes to sparkle and keep your skin glowing.  I think it has to do with less toxins in the body.

Plus lemons are good for the immune system because they're high in vitamin C and potassium.

Oh, and they are a natural diuretic which means you pee more which flushes out unwanted toxins in the body.  It helps to keep the urinary tract healthy.


No actually... not cool. 


Information source: Redbook Magazine, May 2014

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