Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 1671 - Cabin Fever

Taking some time out to smell the roses macaroons chai ...

Dressing gowns, top, chai and macaroons
Yesterday I had a case of cabin fever.  The third day blues.  I was a dippy downer.  A sad sack. Hell, I had the shits.  Nah, not the shits. It was actually a pretty decent case of the F*&^ity F%$# its.

Watching Tahlia go through all this pain and losing her spirit in the process is just very depressing. No energy to make contact with her friends.  Not wanting to move.  Not being able to breath without pain.  Not caring about TV or magazines.  But then last night something happened.  She smiled.  Actually smiled without me encouraging her to. She just smiled ... giggled almost ... and suddenly there was light at the end of the tunnel.

So this morning, with Tahlia showing some life, I decided to escape.  Just for a hour. To regroup. To walk. To drive. To stretch. To breath.

Where does one do this kind of regrouping?

The local Westfield of course ....

Off to the mall I went and bought the kids their winter dressing gowns. While I was there I grabbed myself a new top (on account of the fact I've run out of clean clothes), a chai latte and some very pretty macaroons.  I have to be honest. I don't actually love macaroons ... I mean, they're OK, but I really don't understand what all the fuss is about.  But they're pretty and they added colour to my day.

I am back with Tahlia now.  She is not interested in macaroons.  Nor is she interested in her normal favourite things like milk, cereal, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies or Cherry Ripes.  But has finally felt good enough to ditch the blue hospital gown for her favourite "cheer" pyjamas.  Plus she is finally eating. Boiled rice.  Yay!

It is a happy Sunday.

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  1. Sending Tahlia lots of love and light.

    Get well soon, gorgeous.

    Leanne - take care.

    SSG xxx


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