Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 1673 - WIN Saving Mr Banks #DFFMrBanks

Let's get some Disney into our day

I am a HUGE Disney fan.  You know it. I know it.  We all know it.  I am also a big Mary Poppins fan.  So "Saving Mr Banks" is a match made in Disney heaven!

The bad news is that I haven't seen it yet.  Shocking!

The good news is that our lovely Disney PR crew have sent me a copy to review.  Yay!

The bad news is I am in Sydney and the DVD is sitting in a pile of mail on my desk at home in Canberra. Booooo.

The good news is, just because I can't review it yet that doesn't mean you can't still win it.

So with all that said, who's seen the movie?

More importantly, who WANTS to see the movie?

Win, Win, Win

In celebration of the DVD release tomorrow Disney and Deep Fried Fruit have partnered up again to give THREE lucky readers the opportunity to win their very own copy.

All you've got to do is open your pipes and sing me a few bars of your favourite Mary Poppins song. Just a word, or a phrase or an entire chorus. Whatever floats your boat.  Be sure to leave me enough details in the comments so I can track you down.  You can entire via the blog, Deep Fried Facebook, Twitter #DFFMrBanks, text or email.  Facebook gives you more chances to win.  Competition closes Friday 9 May at midnight.  Open to Aussie residents only.  Start singing!


So what is Saving Mr Banks all about?  Quite simply it's the story of how Walt Disney himself wooed the author Mary Poppins so that he could recreate the legendary story for the big screen.  The wooing did not come easily.  Disney had to pull out all the stops and go on an emotional journey in the process. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson star in the movie which I've heard is a "must see".

Saving Mr Banks is released on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital tomorrow 7 May 2014.

My review to come later! 


  1. Oh, I LOVE Mary Poppins. Because...

    I LOVE TO LAUGH (a-hahaha)
    Long and loud and clear
    I LOVE TO LAUGH (heeheehaha)
    It's getting worse every year

    Oh how I love that scene. And them both bawling at the end after the kids leave. Too funny.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. We are big MARY POPPINS fans too & missed out on seeing SAVING MR. BANKS at the movies.

    Iv'e always loved the rooftop scene. Looking out over London with the chimney-sweeps & the fireworks, so here goes.

    Kick your knees up, step in time
    Kick your knees up, step in time
    Never need a reason, never need a rhyme
    Kick your knees up, step in time.

    'Round the chimney
    Flap like a birdie
    Up on the railing
    Over the rooftops
    Link your elbows
    Mary Poppins
    (Ah!) They're at it again
    Votes for women
    It's the master
    What's all this?

    One of my daughter's favorite phrases is actually - What's all this?


  3. I really want to see this movie! My favourite is "A spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down" because I use to take some disgusting tasting medicine when I was younger and always use to ask my parents if I could have some sugar afterwards just like Mary Poppins said, but it never seemed to work. Something about sugar not being good for you when you are sick :( Oh well.

  4. I was about to launch into the chim chimeny! But then realised that wasn't Mary Poppins!! I hope your daughter is recovering well. Em - also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

  5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - trust me you don't want me to sing.

    I love Mary Poppins it is one of my favourite movies from childhood.
    I saw the musical too.

    Now I want to
    Oh, oh, oh!
    Let's go fly a kite
    Up to the highest height!
    Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
    Up through the atmosphere
    Up where the air is clear
    Oh, let's go fly a kite!

  6. I really want to see this - I went to see it and the projector broke before the movie started so I had to see 12 years a slave instead - not quite the feel good movie I was after...I'm also 'Lets go fly a kite, up to the highest height"


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