Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 1674 - Wordless Wednesday

Photos from a hospital room 

On this not-so-Wordless Wednesday I give you a snapshot of how a mum stays sane during a week in hospital with her child.  Chai; wireless internet; a great hospital; tea; smart phone; pull out couch bed for Mummy; blogging and Facebook; flowers and an Angel Aunt; fairly decent hospital food; and a teddy bear who goes through the entire journey with you.

By the way, Tahlia was released yesterday.  We are back home to start the next leg of her recovery journey. So far, so good!


  1. I hope Tahlia is healing. She is courageous and strong to choose this surgery, then sharing her story.
    This, too will pass and Tahlia will blaze a trail for others.

    I hope her pain relief is well under control.

    You are a brave Mum too xox

  2. Wow that was a long stay, I bet it was hard for you both. Killing time in hospital isn't fun, it's like you're in another world right? And when you get outside the sun is SO BRIGHT! Speedy recovery x

  3. Ha ha I love your photos. I know that feeling about being in hospital with your child. Just how did you get wireless at the hospital.

  4. Nothing worse than being stuck indoors and confined to one room whilst you will your child to get better. I think many of us have been there and relate. Hope the road to recovery is a speedy one.

  5. That hospital room just gets smaller and smaller doesn't it. Glad you made it through with your sanity and I hope Tahlia is well on her way to recovery xx


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