Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 1675 - The day in clothes

Let's talk affordable fashion

Deep Fried Fruit is all about being fit and fabulous in your forties (and beyond).  I'm not sure I've got the fit thing happening right now, but I am making an effort in the fabulous department.  After a week in leggings as I lounged around the hospital I am super excited to be back in my jeans, boots and blazers.  This is what affordable fashion looks like. Target jeans $10, Target boots $50, Target blazer on sale at the end of last winter $40, K-Mart long sleeve tee for $8, scarf from Cross Roads for $5 and my FABULOUS Sash & Belle handbag from their online store for $50.  Come on, admit it ... I look a million 163 bucks!

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