Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 1676 - It's a wrap

Wrap it up! 

Wrapping it up - deluxe ham salad roll
Bread is not my friend. I mean I love it and all, but it does weird things to my gut and I put on weight very quickly when it's in my diet.  That's one of the reasons I put on weight so quickly when on holidays because we tend to eat out a lot and lunch and dinner often consists of Subway or picnic sandwiches or pizza or burgers.  Oh, and alcohol (but let's just pretend that champagne has zero calories).  So if I am truly going to continue on this fit and fabulous in my forties thing, I need to keep bread to a minimum.  So when bread is the most convenient option - I have converted to wraps.

Sure, wraps are still bread.  But in my mind they have less bready breadness about them so I figured they are a good alternative to the big old loaf of white squishy carbo loaded yum.  Especially if I switch out the standard wheat wrap for a rice wrap instead.

So I've been doing all sorts of things with these edible discs.  Making cheeseburgers, fish burgers, toasted "sandwiches", salad rolls, ripping them apart and toasting them to create croutons for salad. Anything you can do with bread, I've been wrapping it up!

Fish burgers with chips for our lazy burger night with crumbed fish, lettuce and tartar sauce.

Cheese burgers for a weekend lunch using rice wraps.  Just fold it all up and eat with one hand.

Chicken, lettuce and avocado with ranch dressing and olives.

Totally yummy ham, cheese and capsicum toasted wraps for Sunday brunch.  Egg and bacon "rolls".  Tacos.   Pulled pork "burritos".  Nutella and strawberries for afternoon tea in little parcels of rice wrap.  The sky is the limit! If you can eat .... then I'll wrap it!

Anyone else got any great wrap suggestions out there? 


  1. I always buy wraps, love them!
    You can use them as pizza bases too for light crunchy pizzas. They are also delicious toasted with ham, cheese, tomatoe, etc in a sandwich press they come out very flat cafe style!
    Also good to cut in strips, drizzle with oil and sea salt and bake in oven for a few minutes, great with dips :)

  2. Tandoori chicken pieces, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a drizzle of yoghurt is my favourite. Yum!

  3. Chicken wraps are a favourite hear. My kids love them. But also as pizza bases. That's my fave way to eat pizza these days.


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